LED Engin's ViviLux platform combines high Lux-on-Target, high CRI and 2 MacAdam Ellipse consistency for directional lighting

May 4, 2012
Date Announced: 04 May 2012 Extreme power density and high-efficiency solution for retail and commercial lighting comprises single-package emitter and secondary lensSan Jose, CA, USA -- LED Engin, Inc., a leader in high lumen density LED products, announces the ViviLux(TM) platform, a family of high-efficiency single-emitters combined with secondary total internal reflection (TIR) lenses. ViviLux delivers bold, vivid, and energy-efficient Lux-on-Target(TM) directional lighting for retail and commercial lighting. The powerful, yet compact emitter and lens combinations produce up to twice the center-beam lux of array-based LEDs with comparable power and reflector optics and lead the industry in terms of 'lux efficacy'. Under steady-state conditions at 80degC ambient, ViviLux emitters produce 1700 lumens at 700mA and a luminous efficacy of 85 lumens/Watt at 350mA.With a high color rendering index (CRI), ViviLux ensures accurate color rendition in even the most demanding applications. Furthermore, emitter-to-emitter variations of less than 2 MacAdam Ellipses guarantee lighting consistency, both initially and throughout the service life of the emitters. ViviLux, which is based on LED Engin's proven LuxiGen(TM) emitter technology, is available in three beam options: 24°/ 35°/45°, providing flexibility and freedom in lighting design."ViviLux, with its extreme power density, multiple beam angles and high CRI, provides the ultimate solution for lighting designers and OEMs in commercial and retail markets," said David Tahmassebi, President and CEO of LED Engin. "Our customers will also benefit from the simple and single TIR optics emitter combination to save on system cost while addressing high end applications with stringent lux/watt and light quality requirements."ViviLux is available now in sample volumes with production quantities due in Q3. A limited number of sample starter kits are available at www.ledengin.com/viviluxstarterkit. Kits include a ViviLux emitter mounted on a connector MCPCB for easy, solderless assembly, a matching Cooliance CoolstrateTM cooler capable of dissipating up to 40W, and a standard 1400mA LED driver (700mA to each die). More information is available at http://www.ledengin.com/products/vivilux.LED Engin will be demonstrating ViviLux together with newly introduced LuxiTuneTM intelligent emitter for halogen-like dimming, a range of emitter and beam combinations for directional down light and accent lighting, multicolour LED wallwashers and the full range of white, multicolour and UV versions of its LuxiGen emitters on booth 6308 at Lightfair International, Las Vegas, USA, May 9-11, 2012.ViviLux key features:· Offered as an emitter / lens combination with beam options: 24°/ 35°/45° · Industry-leading Lux-on-Target performance for directional applications · Color Temperature of 3000K with 2 MacAdam Ellipse single bin for emitter-to-emitter consistency · Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 90; R9 minimum of 70 · 1700 lumens at nominal current of 700mA measured at Tc=80degC steady-state · 85 lm/W emitter efficiency at 350mA measured at Tc=80degC steady-stateAbout LED Engin, Inc. LED Engin, based in California's Silicon Valley, specializes in ultra-bright, ultra-compact solid state lighting solutions that allow designers and engineers the freedom to create uncompromised yet energy efficient lighting experiences. TheirLuxiGen(TM) Platform - an emitter and lens combination or integration module solution, delivers superior flexibility in light output, ranging from 3W to 90W, a wide spectrum of available colors, including whites, multi-color and UV, and the ability to deliver upwards of 5,000 high quality lumens to a target. The small size combined with powerful output allows for a previously unobtainable freedom of design wherever high flux density, directional light is required.LED Engin products are sold directly through LED Engin sales channels and its distributors. They are available for immediate sampling. For additional information, or to find a sales representative, pleasevisit: www.LEDEngin.com.

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