Kingsun factory incubation plan benefits for LED industry

May 30, 2012
Date Announced: 30 May 2012 After announcing IPO in Nov. 2011, Kingsun promoted its factory incubation plan all across China. Analysis is that this plan is both beneficial for Kingsun and the whole LED lighting industry. The concept of this plan Core lighting module plus intensified supply chain plus professional solution greatly decreases the threshold of LED industry and enables more participants enter this market.As incandescent lamp will be abandoned in the near future worldwide, LED lighting will have a remarkable progress. Prediction is that only in China the LED market value will be over hundreds of billions, which needs more strengthful manufacturers to contribute to this huge market. Kingsun wishes through this factory incubation plan, it could share its experiences, R&D platform, mass-production capability, commercial mode and IPO experiences with partners, and also provides one-stop service covering factory construction, industry operation, marketing, brand building, capital operation etc.. In addition, Kingsun could share the supply chain with partners for much more beneficial prices to cut off the cost.

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