ESD film for the protective packaging of electronics

May 31, 2012
Date Announced: 31 May 2012 The air-cushioning material Airplus from Storopack is now available in an ESD film version for the protective packaging of electronic components. The film complies with the requirements of DIN EN 61340-5-1 for electrostatic dissipating materials. It has been developed by Storopack and is now manufactured from several of its production sites. The on-demand protective packaging system is a practical alternative to more traditional packaging techniques, such as foam cushions and bubble wrap films and offers users ‘just in time’ air cushion packaging.Storopack AIRplus® ESD film does not produce an electrostatic charge during handling and dissipates surface charges, preventing any discharge onto the electronic device being packaged. Manufacturers and logistics service providers currently have a wide range of primary packaging options to choose from for electronic components. However, in the protective packaging industry, typically there are only ESD bags or ESD bubble wrap from the roll available. Storopack now offer an ‘on-demand’system with a variety of ESD cushion types (bubble & void film), minimising storage space and reducing warehouse costs.

Emma Smith

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