Dublin Airport Authority retrofits Ellydees Wattbeater lamps

May 9, 2012
Date Announced: 09 May 2012 Ellydees are delighted to announce that after a trial installation, DAA have used over 150 ellydees wattbeater lamps at Terminal 2, Dublin Airport. They have replaced old technology 150W linear tungsten halogen lamps with 7W LED wattbeaters, delivering over 95% energy saving and slashing maintenance costs.About the Project.... Old technology linear tungsten halogen lamps were used on air bridges, a moveable walking ramp that connects planes to the airport terminal. Halogens are highly inefficient bulbs, with 95% of the energy lost in heat and only 5% used to produce light. They are prone to shatter due to vibration which is not ideal for use on an airbridge which is moved constantly. For health and safety reasons the lights on the air bridge burn 24/7 so the energy saved by swapping to LED technology is huge. The wattbeater lamp from Ellydees has a 30,000 hour life with a 5 year warranty and retrofits easily into the existing halogen lights; you don’t even need an electrician! DAA estimate that they will save €11K per annum based upon an energy saving per lamp of (143) watts with electricity KWh cost of €0.10c.Mr Damien Garry, Systems Manager in Asset Care Department at Dublin Airport Authority says ‘We were getting frustrated with the fact that in our 19 No. new Airbridges the halogen l amps were failing every few weeks causing excessive loss in man hours. Thanks to Des Byrne in Euro Sales we trialled the Ellydees 7w Wattbeater over are year ago with no failures to date. We are delighted with the lamps and we have sent the specification details to the Airbridge Manufacturers. Apart from the obvious savings in man hours and energy, the lamps are simple retrofit with no modifications required at the Light fittings.About the Bulb..... Standard halogen bulbs have a very poor lifetime with most only lasting 1000 hours; they are also susceptible to breaking easily. The 7w Wattbeater bulb has a 30,000 hour lamp life, 5 year warranty and will not shatter if dropped. This product is a real ‘fit and forget’ solution minimising risk and hassle for everyday users. The product is designed and manufactured in Ireland and is European quality assured. It has been tested by the UK Lighting Association for light output and for safety by an independent Irish laboratory. Fitting this into your existing halogen R7s light is easy and can be done by the end user. You simply remove the old halogen bulb and replace it with the ‘Wattbeater’; it’s a no-brainer! The wattbeater lamp reached the final of ‘Light Source Product of the Year’ 2011 as awarded by the UK Lighting Association. About ELLYDEES.....The Big Light Switch LTD t/a ‘Ellydees’ is based in Greystones, Co. Wicklow. It provides energy efficient lighting products, based upon emerging LED technology. Potential distributors, commercial customers and investors are invited to contact Ellydees on [email protected] and consumers are encouraged to find out more about them on the website www.wattbeater.co.uk contact details below.

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