Shenzhen ZhongTian Lighting power gets six patent certificates

May 3, 2012
Date Announced: 03 May 2012 Zhongtian Lighting announces power supply and the collection of the subsidiary Middlesex by electronic since 2012 in succession in the receipt issued by the state intellectual property office seven patent certificate. Among them, "a constant current source control circuit" for the invention patent certificate, "a for high input voltage PFC circuit", "small power low cost LED power supply power factor correction circuit", "a kind of take the outer air power LED heat dissipation and waterproof shell", "a built-in LED power waterproof and hose heat dissipation structure", "a kind of high efficient simple intelligent control circuit", "a kind of external type 12 KV lightning protection circuit" for practical new-type patent certificate.So far, the collection of the Zhongtian power has got 30 patent, among them: 2 of invention patent, 25 of the patent for utility model and design 3 of patent.

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