Kingsun promotes factory incubation plan

May 4, 2012
Date Announced: 04 May 2012 Recently, KINGSUN OPTOELECTRONIC CO., LTD promoted the Factory Incubation Plan grandly. Succeeding in implementing plan A and plan B, kingsun put emphasis on factory incubation plan in 2012. By compensable supply of core lighting module, intensified supply chain and professional solutions, kingsun would customize factory incubation plan and guide advantaged partners with resource and capital to seize opportunity in the development trends of LED lighting industry celebrity factories across China.Kingsun could provide package service covering factory construction, production operation, patented technology, marketing, capital operation, and brand building, etc., sharing years’ exploration, technical R&D platform, large scale manufacture capacity, business model and IPOI experience of Kingsun.“We could build up a factory as same as kingsun in a city of China, duplicating KINGSUN’s DNA to the factory. For example, if our partners need the school lighting models or the tunnel lighting models, we’ll provide those models to them so that they can manufacture different kinds of LED lighting products with different modellings and colors. Meanwhile, we possess the initiative in the negotiating price for the material supply, we can share these high cost performance material supply with our incubated factories. We can provide professional service, making our incubated factories become competitive companies in the locality.” Acclaimed by Li Xuliang, the kingsun’s president.It’s reported that Kingsun build a series of flexible mechanisms for the partners. To gain the maximum profit and reduce the investment risk to the lowest, the incubation factories could enter capital market, issue IPO, be merged or acquired full or partial stock by Kingsun or a third party.

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