Molex interconnect expertise empowers lighting designers and SSL manufacturers

May 9, 2012
Date Announced: 09 May 2012 Molex Interconnect Expertise Empowers Lighting Designers and Manufacturers to Develop Advanced Solid State Lighting Solutions-- The company will showcase multiple LED connection solutions and participate in anyCOMM demonstration at LIGHTFAIR International LISLE, IL –– Molex Incorporated continues to support lighting designers and manufacturers with a broad portfolio of interconnect solutions for the solid state lighting market. Over the years, Molex has utilized its extensive resources and expertise to develop products that help advance LED technology by providing vital electrical connections for multiple applications. These products, as well as several new, innovative LED interconnect solutions will be showcased at LIGHTFAIR International, Booth 5937, May 9 - 11, Las Vegas, NV. Additionally, Molex and anyCOMM experts will conduct an HD video demonstration in the booth.“One of the most critical aspects of solid-state lighting is developing electrical components that can efficiently, reliably and safely power the LEDs without incurring large cost increases,” said Greg Kuchuris, product manager, Molex. “By tapping into our long-standing electrical, connector, thermal and optical expertise we’ve developed world-class solutions that provide lighting manufacturers and designers with the highest quality, safest and most cost-effective lighting interconnect products on the market today.”At LIGHTFAIR, Molex will partner with anyCOMM to show an HD video demonstrating the control, monitoring and cost benefits enabled by anyCOMM’s Smart Lighting system. anyCOMM is a developer of solid-state lighting and embedded software solutions for comprehensive monitoring, control and automation of lighting and other electronic functions in both residential and commercial environments. anyCOMM has initially partnered with leading technology companies to bring these innovative solutions to market, including Molex and Bridgelux Incorporated of Livermore, CA.Additionally, Molex will showcase multiple products:Solderless LED Holders Molex Solderless Array Holders are designed to allow light fixture manufacturers to easily create an electrical connection between an LED array and a power source. The unique dual wire trap compression contact powers the arrays while eliminating the need for hand soldering or expensive surface mount technology equipment. This product simplifies the installation process and provides field serviceable benefits when designing and maintaining LED lighting applications. Light Disk Molex is developing a new generation solid-state lighting product that will integrate the light source, electronics, optics and thermal management into a 50mm diameter, 10mm high disk using state-of-the-art Molded Interconnect Device (MID) technology. This universal light source will be capable of being “dropped” into a PAR bulb, A19 bulb, downlight or a variety of other light sources currently under development. It will be powered directly from line voltage and be the equivalent to a 75 watt light bulb.Microminiature ProductsMolex will be showcasing some of its fine pitch microminiature connectors ideal for the lighting market:· Pico-EZmate™ wire-to-board connectors: Molex's 1.20mm (.047") pitch Pico-EZmate connectors are compact and low-profile, offering a mated height of 1.55mm (.061") for 2- to 5-circuit and 1.65mm (.065") for 6-circuit versions for miniature wire-to-board applications.· PicoBlade™ wire-to-board connectors: Molex's 1.25mm (.049") pitch PicoBlade™ system is designed for high-density harness applications. PicoBlade provides the same 1.0 amperes of current as similar 2.00mm (.079") pitch systems, but in a more compact design.· CLIK-Mate™ wire-to-board connectors: Designed for applications that require higher pin count connectors to carry more signal lines in less space; the system includes a unique tuning-fork terminal concept that provides low-insertion force and secure mating contact· SlimStack™ board-to board connectors: Ideal for tight packaging applications, the SlimStack 0.40mm connectors offer the industry's widest selection of low profile, ultra-narrow-width connectors in various stack heights for space savings and design flexibility.Woodhead® Industrial Lighting ProductsMolex Woodhead industrial lighting products offer portable, safe, code-compliant lighting for rugged and harsh applications such as natural gas service utility locations, refineries, shipyards, fuel oil loading docks and petrochemical plants. The company will soon introduce several new LED options in its portable lighting product line including:Wide Area Portable Work Light for Hazardous Locations (Class I, Div. 2): Features four 25W LED arrays at 4100K color temperature, providing an instant-on, high-output, extremely rugged light source with precise color rendering and over 50,000 hours of life.Wide Area Portable Flood Light for Hazardous Locations (Class I, Div. 1): With four, 25W LED arrays at 4100K color temperature, provides instant-on, high-output, extremely rugged and long-life light source and provides over 30% more Ft-candles output than the original 300W quartz halogen lamps.About Molex IncorporatedProviding more than connectors, Molex delivers complete interconnect solutions for a number of markets including data communications, telecommunications, consumer electronics, industrial, automotive, medical, military and lighting. Established in 1938, the company operates 40 manufacturing locations in 16 countries. 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