IST Ltd. appoints Lightfactor as iDrive distributor

May 2, 2012
Date Announced: 02 May 2012 IST Ltd, the UK designer and manufacturer of iDrive® LED driver and Serenity Lighting systems, has announced the formation of a strategic distribution agreement with the Cooper Controls Group company Lightfactor to distribute the iDrive® range of LED drivers, which includes DMX/RDM, 1-10V, DALI and trailing edge dimmable options. The strategic partnership will enable IST to leverage the strength of Lightfactor’s experience in the installation and lighting controls sector, allowing IST to focus on developing high quality, innovative and cost-effective LED drivers that offer world class solutions to the lighting market.As part of the agreement Lightfactor will distribute the iDrive® Quad, iDrive® MultiDIM range, iDrive® DALI+ and iDrive® UL LED drivers.The iDrive® Quad provides up to 120W of power over 4 independent LED outputs, enabling R,G,B, W/A applications to be supported. The iDrive® QUAD was one of the first RDM compliant LED drivers to the market, which can deliver independent settings between 100mA and 1000mA and 1V to 48V per channel. The latest Quad will incorporate IST’s patented eco-DSP technology, providing 16-bit DC dimming with exceptionally low LED RMS ripple current at less than 5%. The highly optimized iDrive® MultiDIM driver range, with efficiencies between 82% and 88%, is an ideal solution for all types of LED lighting. It is one of the first mains dimmable LED drivers to offer up to 4 current output options from 350mA up to 1000mA, enabling LED fixture manufacturers to optimize fixture efficiency and light output, without the need to purchase different drivers. Another unique feature includes a loop-in, loop-out AC mains connector, enabling the rapid installation and daisy chaining of multiple drivers, as well as the auto-detection of the phase dimming switch method to work seamlessly with both leading-edge and trailing-edge dimmer switches.The single channel iDrive® DALI + incorporates a patented technique capable of ultra-smooth dimming from 100% down to 0.3% of the output current, with the additional feature of being able to turn the LEDs completely off. The iDrive® DALI+ is one of the most comprehensive ranges of DALI drivers on the market today, featuring 24 LED driver models in power outputs ranging from 10W to 42W. The DALI+ range also offers superb efficiency (88%) and incorporates a 1-10V interface as well as ambient light and temperature sensors, to provide an unprecedented advanced control system to enable the reduction of carbon, energy and cost footprint of lighting installations. The DALI+ is one of the most complete DALI ballasts currently available and implements over 90 commands from the official DALI BS EN 62386-101:2009 standard. The iDrive® UL, approved to the UL 1310 specification, drives 3 channels of LEDs at 350mA and from 14V up to 48V DC per channel. The iDrive® UL embodies hundreds of built in program options, or can be controlled by DMX512A, and is certified to CE 61347-2-13, as are all other iDrive® LED drivers within the range.Matt Fitzpatrick, IST Director stated: “Forging links with Lightfactor is a positive step to widening market access to industry leading iDrive® LED driver technology. Lightfactor, through their experience of advanced control technologies, will enable the lighting industry to have access to not only the best driver technology but also unprecedented lighting control knowledge”. Peter Coles, Lightfactor Sales Manager, stated: “We are delighted to work closely with IST and believe their innovative LED solutions will complement many of our own innovations, offering a significant commercial and technological advantage to our customers and the lighting industry at large. This partnership demonstrates our collaborative approach to innovation in the interest of bringing energy efficient solutions to the market rapidly.” About IST:IST Ltd. is a world-class, UK-based lighting company, specialising in the design and manufacture of ultra-efficient iDrive ® LED drivers and Serenity LED lighting systems.The research and development team has generated more than 13 patents worldwide and has a reputation for developing high quality LED drivers, used by lighting companies worldwide. The iDrive® LED driver range provides a high degree of innovation, significant energy efficiency and the world’s first variable voltage, variable current drivers.About Lightfactor: Lightfactor aims to deliver Great Products, Personnel Attention and Good Advice in partnership with IST this is helping us to be able to offer a full range of LED driver technology.

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