ewo showcases LED floodlight F32 at Light+Building

April 30, 2012
Date Announced: 30 Apr 2012 ewo, manufacturer of high-quality lighting systems for public areas presents the high-performance LED floodlight F32 for use in high mast systems for lighting up large areas on occasion of the Light+Building2012, the world's leading exhibition for architecture and technology.Maximum performance: The excellent performance values qualify the LED floodlight F32 for demanding operations in high mast systems with mounting heights of up to more than 30m.A functional and considerably reduced aluminium housing is able to accept up to 32 light units, which are directly connected to the lamp housing in order to ensure an ideal rate of heat dissipation.Depending on the current feed, between 345 W (350 mA) and 493 W (500 mA) are provided. Comparison calculations show that, depending on the situation at hand, savings between 30% and 70% are possible. Thepilot lighting system installation at Munich Airport, which is mounted at a height of 24m, for instance, achieves a power consumption reduction of 46% in comparison with the existing NAV products.The light units can be fitted with various optical lenses, which create a distribution of light to suit the specific requirements. The "DP31" light unit has been especially developed for application in large area lighting. A selection of 3 colour temperatures is provided: Warm White (3000 K), Outdoor White (4500 K) and Cool White (6000 K).The performance classification is headed by the 6000 K version, which can reach the values of NAV illuminants with its 159 lm/LED.The electronic circuitry and components are installed behind a lamp cover (openable without tools) made of non-reflecting safety glass, which additionally ensures that the product is armed to withstand the most adverse environmental conditions.The F32 can achieve an additional savings potential through a connection to the light management systems or with the aid of an autonomous night reduction mode featuring freely selectable reduction steps.In addition to the reduced power consumption and the considerably reduced maintenance costs, the F32 also offers further significant advantages: The F32 is able to define the area to be illuminated much more precisely than conventional lightings systems are able to. The multi-layer concept - the multiplication of uniform light distributions that are emitted from the individual LED units - also ensures that a possible failure of individual light units does not result in unlit areas, but merely leads to a slightly reduced level ofillumination. Contrary to conventional systems, LED technology does not require hot re-ignition in order to immediately secure the provision of light after a failure during continuous operation.The LED technology upon which the F32 floodlight is based is being used successfully in high mast systems since 2010: In the "T-System" for instance, that was presented at the Light+Building 2010. The "TSystem" can be fitted with a large number of light units and, among other things, is in operation for the energy-efficient lighting of the 90,000 m² expanse of the port terminal of "Molo di Ponente" in Venice (IT) or for the world's first apron lighting system with LED technology operating at Innsbruck Airport (AT).The F32 is a compact and dimensionally reduced product that is also suitable for retrofitting existing high mast systems. The F32 is supplemented by the product versions F16 and F6, which are among the lower performance classes and are designed for installation at lower mounting heights. This series provides a uniform product family, ranging from mast lights to high mast systems.ewo:ewo was founded in 1996. The company develops and manufactures high-quality lighting systems for use in public areas. ewo is a pioneer in the sector and offers innovative solutions for lighting systems, individual designs and excellent consultancy services. Thanks to ideas and suggestions proposed by creative architects and lighting system engineers, the product range is subject to continuous further development. Professional expertise and precision in all areas are counted among the key values of the company.

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