LED Engin to demonstrate leadership in white LED light uniformity, control and Lux-on-Target at Light+Building 2012

April 11, 2012
Date Announced: 11 Apr 2012 San Jose, CA, USA -- On Booth J20 in Hall 4.2 at Light+Building 2012 to be held between 15 - 20 April in Frankfurt, LED Engin, Inc., a leader in high lumen density LED products, will demonstrate white LED products with high efficiency, intensity, color control and tunability for LED lighting applications. The advantages are derived from a combination of a single, yet powerful, compact LED package with a complementary TIR secondary optic that results in high quality, highly uniform natural illumination. LED Engin is showcasing its latest LED Engin product innovations - ViviLux™, a highly efficient / high color quality LED solution that maximizes targeted intensity (Lux-on-Target performance), and LuxiTune™, an intelligent, single LED that emits a warmer white as it dims like a true halogen source. Both new product families offer the punch of the LuxiGen technology platform and the almost indistinguishable color variation gives customers the freedom to design for a range of lighting experiences while doing so with homogeneous color uniformity. ViviLux products, which consist of an emitter and complementary TIR Secondary Optic, are based on the LuxiGen multi-die platform. ViviLux provides superior Lux-on-Target performance, CRI (color rendering index) of 90, and a chromaticity variation of two MacAdam Ellipses from emitter-to-emitter, and over time. With efficiencies at 85 lm/W and Center Beam Lux almost double that of other LED solutions of comparable power consumption, LED Engin maximizes lux/Watt efficiency and offers lighting designers flexible, creative solutions for retail, commercial and architectural lighting where consistent white light for directional and accent lighting applications is demanded. LED Engin will also showcase the world's first single LED emitter capable of halogen-like dimming, LuxiTune, at Light+Building. The new LuxiTune white emitter again takes advantage of the individually addressable die and in-source mixing to produce white light from 3200K to 2400K. Coupling the tunable white emitter with additional control electronics, either separately or in an integrated module, the LuxiTune emits a warm white from 3200K to 2400K smoothly as it dims using standard 0-10V dimmers. The light -is confined within 2 MacAdam Ellipses along the black body while dimming. Like a halogen bulb, LuxiTune dimming offers the appropriate ambience at all illumination levels. This is particularly desirable in hotels, restaurants and bars, where maintaining the right ambience is key. The light from LED Engin's LuxiGen platform of compact, multi-die emitters and family of Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lenses has a uniform distribution and a smooth profile across the beam. It is produced without hot spots, multiple shadows or uncomfortable glare. The TIR optic contains maximum light within the main beam to minimize glare and Lux-on-Target is typically double that of LED fixtures that use array LEDs with reflectors, rather than lenses, to focus the beam. LED Engin offers products with beams from 8 degrees up to 45 degrees wide which excel at narrow angles that are difficult for other larger LED sources to achieve. These benefits have already been demonstrated in demanding stage and studio lighting applications, where many leading manufacturers of high power lighting fixtures specify LED Engin emitters. In retail applications, these emitters enable fixtures to be made up to four times smaller than those based on metal halide light sources of comparable power, allowing lighting designer's greater creative freedom. More information on LuxiGen technology and products can be found at: http://www.ledengin.com. Key points summary: LED Engin at Light+Building • High efficiency, quality lighting with system-level efficiencies > 55lm/W, 2 MacAdam Ellipse range of color temperature and CRI > 90.• Halogen-like, dimmable LED Lighting from a single emitter that warms in color temperature as the intensity decreases. LuxiTune emitter solutions work with standard 0-10V dimmers and inexpensive voltage supplies.• Practical demonstration of the quality and superior center beam performance of LuxiGen single emitter/TIR optic solution over comparable LED array and reflector combination.• LED lighting solutions equivalent to 70W metal halide down lamps with a single LED emitter and optic.• Narrow beam optics at 8 degrees and 15 degrees for maximum Lux-on-Target and distance lighting applications.• Architectural wall-washing effects with in-source color mixing for shortest mix distance.• Full range of TIR optic beam angles

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