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April 20, 2012
Date Announced: 20 Apr 2012 As people’s life quality improves, the requirements for luxurious products also improve a lot. Especially for Jewellery, it becomes more and more popular with people, especially for women. Now, more and more Jewellery specialty stores appear in the most prosperous areas in cities. In some big markets, the Jewellery Shoppes also occupy the regnant position.As flowers need the green leaves to set off, no matter how beautiful the jewellery is, it will also need the ray to set off, so that it can glow its own color. The color the source of ray gives out by itself is called “ Light Source Color “.But the color from Jewellery exposured by the source of ray is usually called “Surface Color”. Jewellery itself can not give out the light, besides for some gems with the fluorescence or phosphorescent effects. Although the natural light is the most ideal source of light for appreciating the natural gems. But, in the actual selling, because of the limit for areas, merchants always need to choose manual lights for lighting. That how to use the appropriate source of light to show the jewellery value is becoming an issue jewellery manufacturers care about. When some jewellery manufacturers are decorating the shops or counters, they usually only pay attention to the thing that the ray must be sufficiently bright to make the shop beautiful and gorgeous, but they ignore the proportional distribution for the source of light. This makes no difference between the selling subjects and non selling subjects. And the jewellery put in the counters lacks feeling of administrative levels. Those excessively bright lights will not only cause the unnecessary wastes, but also their high temperature and EMI will also damage the color and gloss of themselves. Especially for some gems with organic matter,, for example, pearl ,coral, amber and so on. Their structure and chemical elements will be affected. Besides, according to the research from psychologists, the glaring lights will affect the mood of customers and the sales persons in the jewellery stores. Also, it will affect the successful rate for the jewellery trading. The requirements for lights from Jewellery Different jewellery needs different lights to cooperate and use. For example, the lights for golden jewellery, jade and diamonds are very different. When choosing the lights, people will consider some elements, such as light color, illuminative degree, twinkling degree, temperature, color rendering, infrared ray, ultraviolet rays and so on. Of course, it is not so possible for people to take care of the above emelents. Usually, people will need to consider more about the color temperature, illuminative degree and twinkling degree. According to some figures, jewellery will show the best appearance effects when it is exposured under lights with the color temperature of 3300—5000K. The merchants need to pay special attention to some elements: Different illuminative degrees can distinguish the level and selling subjects in the jewellery store. The twinkling degree refers to one kind of reflective light from jewelley when the lights are shining on the jewellery. When the reflective light is more remarkable, the gems will be more shining; The CRI refers to the right color and the definition when the lights are shining upon the subjects. The higher the CRI is, the better it will describe the specific craftworks and the true colors for jewellery. The jewellery specialty of itself has very high requirements upon the source of light. Such as (1)the very high lumens (2)The heat radiation must be low. (3)good CRI (4)The color of lights is even, the color is beautiful and vivid. (5)Try to avoid the textile fabrics to lose the tarnish and the plastics to tender (preventing the ultraviolet rays) (6)The color for light is stable in the effective lifetime (7)No sensitiveness to the change of temperature(8)The lifetime is long, economical and durable. (9)Attractive lighting, usually used color for light: yellow light, neutral light and nature whiteTake diamonds for example, the professional source of light in some jewellery stores in China has about 4 kinds: tube lights, metal halide, projectile halogen lights(also called quartz lights or cup lights) and halogen lamps with diamond light(1)Tube lights: tube lights are necessary source of light when jewellery merchants are testing and sourcing jewellery. It is only suitable for the space lighting in the jewellery stores.(2)Metal Halide: the brightness is strong, light effect is high. But, the ray is too glaring, the CRI is bad. It is easy to make diamond to lose the true color. So it is not suitable for lighting the counters and the jewellery showcase. It is only suitable to put on the high ceiling. (3)Projectile Halogen Lights: small and flexible, easy to control. It can very well show the twinkling from diamonds. But, the common halogen lamps is very easy to make diamonds to lose the true color because their CRI is bad and the ray is comparative yellow.(4)Halogen Lamps with diamond light (4500K): This is a kind of professional light for diamond. The CRI effect is high. The shining effect with all spectrum is the manual source of light which are closest to the nature ray. Under this light, every diamond can glow out the bright fire color as people’s sight turns. It can better show the charm for color and cutting. Compared with common halogen lamps, it has some advantages, such as good CRI and long lifetime. When it is used to light diamond, it will better show the bright flame from diamonds.Besides, optical LED has some advantages, such as soft ray, not excitant, abundant light color, low heat radiation ,easy to hide and so on. It is comparatively suitable for lighting in the jewellery counters. If people can design them correctly and integrate well with shined subjects, it will has the effect of “adding brilliance to its present splendor” 2 The Layout for Lights Comparatively ideal position for fixing up the lights is the front and the above. People will also need to make the source of light cross and overlap. It can make the diamond to reflect back and reflect the ray from all directions. In order to strengthen the shining effects, when people put the diamond on the dark background, they should properly improve the installing density for shining lights or bowse in the distance between light and diamonds.People will specially pay attention to this thing the ray must not be too glaring and dazzling to affect the atmosphere for trading. People should try to use the tube lights and energy-saving lamps for diffuse reflection. This can make the ray indoors harmonious to establish the stable atmosphere. People can also use the specialty from Halogen Lamps with diamond light that it has far shining distance. This can guarantee the counters are beautiful and attractive, and also can establish the comfortable selling atmosphere. The professional lighting for modern jewellery has surpassed the level “sufficiently bright or not” The reasonable and scientific fixing up the lighting for jewellery can not only save the costs and beautify the stores, but it can also improve the successful effect for trading. And people can receive “yield twice the result with half the efforts” 3 The Lighting designs for Jewellery Counters. The jewellery counters are usually used to exhibit small and delicate subjects, so people can fix up spot lights or optical to shine. People will need to pay attention to the collocation for light color. For example, the golden jewellery can use the cup of cold light to shine; Subjects made from silver or gems can use the cup of sunlight to shine. Because the heat happens, people need to consider the dissipation for counters. If engineering fees permits, the optical lighting is also a good choice. The advantage is it will bring too high heat for counters.The design for lights moves around the theory that people can only see the light, not the lamps. It will feature the subject showed. The following 2 points the lighting for jewellery counters must pay attention to: (1)Sufficiently bright. Of course, “sufficient” does not mean the brighter, the better. Some jewellery, such as gold, platinum, pearl and so on, because their volume is small, the shining degree must be high enough, It will be OK for 2000lx.Howevery,for some jewellery, such as jade, crystal and so on. Stressing the soft degree and the shining degree can not be too high. (2)Reflecting the characteristics. Gold, pearl and so on completely dependant upon the reflecting ray stress the direction for ray’s coming. Making the “twinkling point” stimulate the customers’ eyes; Jade, crystal and so on stressing the nonopaque feeling must stress the transmitting. 4 The shining design in Hongkong Louis Vuitton Jewellery and Watches The first Louis Vuitton Jewellery and Watches is established in the first floor of Byland Hotel with a long history and famous reputation. Its indoor lights are completed by famous lamps designer Mr Guan Yongquan and GSA Lights Design Consulting Companies. The lights creat a kind of completely new effect. The indoor design from Louis Vuitton Jewellery and Watches are carried out by its designer from its Headquarter in France. Its dominant hue adopts the remarkable color of Louis Vuitton—dark brown color, decorated by stainless steel lines to highlight the brand image. The lights handling must be considered for its practical applicability when establishing the atmosphere. The space is limited, the dimmable lights(75W/12V Halogen) fixed up in the ceiling casting onto the dark brown walls to highlight the stainless steel line, The lines on the walls are actually drawer which can be opened. Every kind of jewelry and watches are put in it. In the function, the showcase and exhibit goods must be bright and transparent. It use the spot lights(50W/12V Halogen)to show, and also, it specially designs LED Spot Lights to shine every elaborate jewellery and watches.Designers specially stress the lighting design here is different from that from other jewellery stores. Except for the whole lights, every jewellery showed uses the special lighting to show. Special lighting effects show the top level for this store. The level feeling created by the lights gives every ornament moving spirit to explain the designing cream from different jewellery designers.Using very little source of light as a whole, combining the light technique from every ornament shining separately. It riches the level in the space, also it show the individuality from every ornament fully. It can deduce the brand and history for Louis Vuitton in very little space.

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