TAO to showcase Integra, LED-integrated downlight at Frankfurt Fair

April 10, 2012
Date Announced: 10 Apr 2012 TAO, specialist manufacturers in LED light sources and luminaires are excited to launch INTEGRA their new value range of Integrated LED Downlights. The Integra range comprises of 5 downlights, all incorporating quality integrated LEDs with a 20,000hr lifetime delivering optimum performance and efficiency. Careful consideration has been given to this range as evidenced in the product offerings featured from spot beam to wide beam, varying IP levels, fixed and adjustable models and even a light color changing version! With an integrated driver and of all metal construction the range is surprisingly compact and intentionally competitively price positioned representing great value and sure to be very well received in both retail and trade.Most impressive is the Integra RGB and White which offers 380lm of warm white (3000K) in addition to 768 color changes in RGB mode . This model is rated to IP65, offers full dimmability and has a CRI of 80.Integra RGB + White-9W 380lm + RGB 3000K 20,000hrs-150cd @ 100°CRI 80-Dimmable IP65 Also available in wide beam is the Integra W 50 and W 35. The W 50 at 8W delivers 150cd at 100° with 380lm whilst the W 35 delivers 5.5W with 80cd at 100° with 210lm. These 2 versions are fixed to achieve the IP65 rating and provide 3000K of warm white at a CRI of 80Integra W 50 Fixed-8W 380lm 3000K 20,000hrs-150cd @ 100°CRI 80-IP65 Integra W 35 Fixed-5.5W 210lm 3000K 20,000hrs-80cd @ 100°CRI 80-IP65 For those seeking a narrow beam angle for accent lighting then the Integra S 50 and S 35 is ideal at 35° and 30° respectively. The S 50 at 8W delivers 800cd at 35° with 380lm whilst the S 35 delivers 5.5W with 500cd at 30° with 210lm. Both are adjustable and provide 3000K of warm white at a CRI of 80.Integra S 50 Adjustable-8W 380lm 3000K 20,000hrs-800cd @ 35°CRI 80-IP24 Integra S 35 Adjustable-5.5W 210lm 3000K 20,000hrs-500cd @ 30°CRI 80-IP24 One of the key distinctive aspects of this fully integrated LED downlight range is its competitive price. TAO expect high volume off-take for this quality product as it represents a perfect alternative to halogen.About TAO light:TAO light is a luminaire, power supplies and light source manufacturer based in Shanghai with a European and Chinese management team. TAO focus on developing and manufacturing quality products with the latest technology at an affordable price. TAO integrated R&D, manufacturing and testing facilities makes it a very strong and reliable supplier and OEM/ODM partner.Booth #: 10.1.A51Venue: Frankfurt Lighting Fair April 2012

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