Spark launches LED lighting solution for supermarket

April 10, 2012
Date Announced: 10 Apr 2012 1. Supermarket Lighting StandardsLighting in supermarkets in different regions, the location has a different lighting requirement. In order to meet the needs of people shopping, supermarket lighting should be based on types of goods, geographical, architectural styles, display methods, different conditions designed to create a unique atmosphere. In order to maintain good lighting, color-coordinated, to create a comfortable shopping environment for consumers, to create a good shopping environment, the design of the supermarket is very important. Overall, to create a store environment, supermarket lighting should be simple, bright as the basic features to facilitate the consumers, service consumers for the purpose of highlighting the characteristics of stores and merchandise.Supermarket has various decoration styles. Therefore, to meet standards under the premise of illumination, lamps and light sources of choice should reflect the characteristics of different regions of the architectural decoration. Meanwhile, supermarket lighting illumination standards are relatively high. Lighting standards in the development of national stores are very different format. Most countries have 0.8-0.85m horizontal plane as the value provided illumination. Domestic standards: supermarkets operating room illumination standard is 150-450lux.2. Supermarket Lighting FeaturesLighting can be divided into general lighting, area lighting, partial lighting and mixed lighting. General lighting for the whole place is set up based lighting. When the only supermarket to perform specific tasks need to increase the area illumination, the lighting should be selected partition, Local lighting is a local need for high light intensity and direction of the limited work requirements and set parts of the lighting. When the general lighting or general lighting district cannot meet the requirements, it can be mixed lighting.After lighting mode selected, we must consider how the lighting layout more rational, better meet the requirements. Lighting fixtures in the room layout is to determine the spatial location, layout and choice of layout is divided into uniform. Layout of lighting fixtures has significant effect to lighting. Lighting quality visual effects work efficiency, and even affect human health and safety.Whatever lighting fixture layout program, supermarket lighting design should meet the following quality requirements:1) The uniformity of the illumination in sightIntensity of illumination and brightness was not well distributed in view, very easy cause visual fatigue. To uniform the illumination in the supermarket, the maximum and minimum of illumination is not more than the average illuminance or less than 1/6 in the market. As long as the actual cloth lamp from the aspect ratio (L/H) less than all sorts of lamps and lanterns, intensity of illumination will meet the requirements.2) Illumination standards and the stability of the illuminationWorking in a supermarket is complex, illumination requirements is not the same. High illumination makes people happy, the active atmosphere, help to improve staff initiative; Low illumination makes people feel relaxed, halcyon, kind. Therefore, in the determination of the supermarket lighting illumination standards should be according to the building lighting design standard GB50034-2004 recommended intensity of illumination in the range of choice appropriate design intensity of illumination value. In order to assure intensity of illumination not less than standard value, should consider the light ageing at first, lamps and lanterns and indoor pollution and some other negative factors, in the design of the light source appropriately increase power; Secondly, due to the voltage change, it will cause the illumination serious fluctuations. We need separate the lighting power supply and power apart when we made the design.3) The high homogeneity and limit glareThe inhomogeneity of Brightness means the light source high brightness in the field of vision. Dazzle light is due to an uneven distribution or brightness changes brightness difference cause the visual discomfort for declining eyesight phenomenon. High brightness of the light source the light directly into the eye in the glare called the direct glare; the light source through the gloss surface reflection in into the eye caused by the glare called reflected glare. These can be solved from the lamps and lanterns of necessary protection and appropriate height installation to reduce the lamps and lanterns surface brightness.4) Illumination energy conservationAccording to data information, the large supermarkets industry average net profit margin only 1%. Save one degree of charge of electricity of electricity, equivalent to achieve 100 yuan of sales profit. In addition, the electric power consumption take up 70% of the cost of lighting, and the device itself accounted for only 3% of the cost (equipment maintenance cost occupy 27% of the lighting cost), adopt the saving energy products was the finally way to achieve the low cost, in order to achieve the energy saving, also can create an good green lighting environment.3. Supermarket Lighting Note1) Create a good visual sense; ensure the enough illuminance and qualityThe most important issue to solve is exhibit the real appearance of the goods; good for the customers identify the color. So, the requirements of the goods lighting must be near the sunlight, both in brightness and tonal. The light with the tonal will make the products seems more beautiful, and it will not change the appearance of the texture and color. Although fluorescent lamp is cheaper, but while we using it, it will change the original color, lost the luster.The next most important issue we must solve is after the goods lightened by some high power lamps for a long time, they will lose the luster too; also some of products will fade.Thirdly, in the space of the shopping, there are too many goods shelf ,some of them is very tall, so we should pay attention to the light shelf, lest space uneven illumination and shelf different top and bottom intensity of illumination. At the same time we should consider the supermarket shopping characteristics and poor activity ability of old customer factors, we especially should be paid special attention to the lower shelf of vertical illuminance, so we don't need bent down a lot then we can see the bottom of the goods shelves, keep the shelf space in a higher level of intensity of illumination2) Creating a favorable business climate can attract customers and induce their shopping desiresIn the supermarket, the role of light is to attract customers. The customer's attention is more likely to be attracted by a good luminous efficiency region; it is proved that luminous efficiency will increase the sales. Well-designed lighting will create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere, so that customers have an extremely comfortable state of mind and emotion.Effective lighting of the shopping area makes customers feel comfortable and willing to come. Unique lighting design makes supermarket interior design stand out, and deepen the impression of overall lighting. In the Bread or meat shop, good lighting will make the meat and bread more aroused people's appetite, and thus enable customers to quickly identify the food quality.Statistics show that between the color temperature of 3000-4000k, illumination of 400-600lux the case of lighting will reach an efficient, eye-catching effects, improving staff efficiency and stimulating consumer buying behavior, thus contribute to the supermarket popularity.3) Lighting layout should be flexible and adaptable to satisfy the change of commodity and cabinetTo design a complete lighting solution, we must consider the characteristics of each functional area of supermarket. Highlight the commodities; it will reflect the shape, color, luster and texture of the commodities properly. For example, the lighting in the operating room; while in the lobby of the corridor, the light guide is even more obvious with dark and clear brightness contrast to guide people watching toward the daylight; The luxury display cabinet can be used with the spot lights for the light beam shooting to the commodities, so that goods are more prominent and more full of visual impact. Fresh front deskFresh front desk is the best place to show fresh pork, smoked beef, cheese, fish and cooked food. Consumers’ sight will be caught by the pale but light pink meat and poultry on the shelves. Shelves stocked with different shapes of meat products, sausages and poultry. Here is the place need to keep the cleanest in the store. Warmer color and evenly distributing lighting can make fresh food look more attractive.Here not only to make the lighting design to get good quality fresh food preservation, but also to show the effect of perfect goods. If a separate set of fresh desk lighting, easily lead to temperature rise, which is not conducive to the preservation of fresh food. Flexible bracket or decorative lighting ceiling panel lights and other lighting products can restore the bright color of fresh food area, so dripping fresh goods.Promotion ZoneThe set up of promotional zone, on the one hand, it could improve sales by lowering price; on the other hand, it helps to give customer attention that the supermarket provide merchandise at a good price, so that the customer will come again next time. As a result, it is important that the merchandize could seize the attention of the customer at the first glance. Except arranging the merchandise vividly, lighting could also help to seize the attention of customer. Generally speaking, the brightness of the promotional zone should be 20% higher than other area. As the above picture shows, for the merchandise on the promotional zone, lighting should be of several directions, and it is better to use dimmable lighting fixtures to meet the requirement of changeable display.Refrigerated Section In both refrigerator and refrigerated section, light on Frozen food has its obligation to make the food seem like fresh and clean. To balance the light and fresh look, the color temperature of the light must be kept as low as possible. The lamp should be installed in a reasonable position to satisfy both the frozen and light effect to keep customers’ eyes open for every product in array. The light has to be able to cover the entire refrigerator to reveal those products which are put in the corner or the bottom of the refrigerator.Meanwhile, the LED tube light should be able to work normally during 40 degrees below zero to 20 degrees below zero. The tubes will not flick or be depreciated under the low temperature.Cashier areaFor cashiers and customers, the most important is being able to clearly see the goods and money, good lighting can ensure customers easy to read the contents of the cash receipts. Comfortable and bright lighting environment not only allows the cashier to concentrate on working for hours without feeling tired; but also form a rapid environmental atmosphere, ensure customers quick checkout, quickly leave, that the cash register area all the way through.Exhibition wallLED wall washer makes the goods more vivid. Whether horizontal or vertical is bright and natural color. Special reflector technology allows the goods near the wall more attractive, increasing the chance of the sales.4) The color reflected in the lighting designIn order to stimulate the customer desires to purchase, supermarket display used in a variety of colors. Lighting and display background colors contrast well and make the products more prominent, left a deep impression to the customer. According to a survey conducted in Japan, the color values in the commodities were: food 52%, cosmetics 29.3%, and clothing 38.6%. This fully shows that the use of color in merchandise sales, in other words, if the color is handled well in the goods display arrangement, will increase product sales.People’s visual will be affected by color and generate different feelings of goods texture. Color preferences will vary from person to person; also the color feel is different of different ages. Supermarkets, of course, impossible to cater for all preferences, but should know how to analyze, should have emphasize in handling of color, at different times, different circumstances and different product displays.In goods display, the warm soft pure white light best for fruits, vegetables and flowers. Because the original color of these products against the background light can be a true reflection. The orange, red fruit or flowers series looks more soft attractive. Cool white light can enhance the blood-red meat, let fat to keep their white. This light also allows fresh vegetables looks more fresh, shiny and dazzling. In the warm white light irradiation, chicken and other poultry and dairy products are more yellow, baked goods look browner. 5) Standby lighting should ensure proper sales in supermarketAs supermarket is a densely populated area, the standby light should ensure the continuation of normal activities when the normal lighting power goes off. Emergency lighting, safety evacuation lighting, and advertising lighting and flood lighting need disposing; to provide operator on duty for inspection duty, safety inspection, observation in non-business hours with lighting, and fire protection specification which is compliance with building design and so on. 4. Lighting fixtures in supermarketSpark adopt high quality LED for their LED tube light, which is a new environmentally friendly products with high uniformity, very gentle and no any glaring. It provides even lighting for storage racks vertically or horizontally, high uniformity ensures clear view from top to bottom. Spark LED tube light adopts isolated power supply with high PF data, can work under low voltage and low temperature. Mylar outside power supply ensures product safety and reliability further. Spark LED tube light looks very nice and beautiful, it can save 70% energy, and its life is 10 times than traditional fluorescent tube light. Furthermore, it is almost maintenance-free and don't need to be replaced frequently. Environmental LED light source, with soft light and pure spectrum can help to protect the user's visual and physical health. Cool light source will not bring heat radiation, and isolux with human design also help to focus on attention and improve efficiency.5. Design and effects of lighting in supermarket Supermarket is not limited to be chosen a certain kind of lighting fixtures; in fact it can be disposed by different lamps according to the size and grade of the supermarket business area. The following pictures show project illustration with LED tube light, LED panel light, LED Down Light and LED High Bay Light separately.

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