Leading nuclear measurements solution provider chooses Noribachi Illumination for US headquarters

April 3, 2012
Date Announced: 03 Apr 2012 Noribachi, a leading innovator of smart energy LED and solar lighting products, announces the successful LED lighting retrofit of the CANBERRA U.S. corporate headquarters in Meriden, Connecticut.CANBERRA is part of the multinational AREVA Group and a global leader in providing nuclear measurement systems. At the forefront of the nuclear industry, CANBERRA develops highly specialized radiation detection equipment, precision work that demands the most advanced technologies to support it. Working within the demanding confines of nuclear regulation, CANBERRA selected Noribachi for their highly efficient, quality LED lighting products.CANBERRA’s loading area originally contained a combination of sixteen 400W high bay and flood lamps. By switching the eight 400W high bays out for 300W custom designed Noribachi LED bulbs, CANBERRA was able to completely eliminate the need for the eight flood lights, totally removing the fixtures, and reducing the total power consumption by over 60% while improving light levels.In addition to cutting the energy costs by more than half, Noribachi’s LED retrofit solutions extend light source lifetime from 1.5 years to over 5 years. Significant light quality improvement is another noticeable benefit, prompting Mike Raicik, Manager of Capital Project and Energy Management at CANBERRA, to note, “The LEDs are so bright and clear people keep coming into the area to see if the loading dock door is open.”Prior to Noribachi’s illumination upgrade, CANBERRA’s facility had suffered a reduction in their parking lot light levels after moving from 400W to 250W HID bulbs to save on energy expenses. Noribachi was able to ameliorate this condition by retrofitting all 26 of the 250W HID bulbs with custom crafted Noribachi LED bulbs that draw only 100W while generating light output equivalent to the 400W bulbs that CANBERRA had previously used.Noribachi’s success in retrofitting CANBERRA’s parking lot extended to the rest of the facility’s outdoor areas as well. Weary walkway lights that had emitted a ghastly orange glow found new life with Noribachi LED WALLPACK.L fixtures which produce a much whiter, clearer light and require three-quarters less energy to operate. To top off the upgrade Noribachi also furnished 8 new LED bollard fixtures for CANBERRA’s entrance, ensuring proper illumination is the first impression visitors have when coming to the facility.Thanks to the Noribachi illumination upgrade CANBERRA’s global headquarters will save over $15,000 annually on energy costs and will reduce their draw from the grid by more than 63,000 kilowatt hours per year. For comparison, the average American home uses approximately 11,500 kilowatt hours per year, meaning that CANBERRA’s energy savings is equivalent to making 6 US homes totally grid-independent, contributing to a stronger, more efficient manufacturing facility and easing demand on the local electrical utility.“CANBERRA was a great opportunity for Noribachi to showcase the superior illumination of LEDs. Noribachi custom retrofit technology allows us to respond very precisely to a customer’s demands. We were able to significantly reduce CANBERRA’s total energy consumption while increasing overall brightness and quality,” says Luke Sutton, VP of Manufacturing at Noribachi.ABOUT NORIBACHI:Noribachi is advancing the concept of informed grid interaction by creating smart energy products, challenging rote relationships with energy and design.Noribachi’s product suite includes lighting, power systems, and custom engineering and design services.These products integrate proprietary energy optimization technologies with renewable power capabilities and an uncompromising devotion to aesthetics. With over 1,000 installations – including world class hotels and luxury automobile dealerships – representing a diverse variety of markets across the US and internationally, Noribachi is a leader in integrating smart power and informed grid interaction with distinctive and human-centered design.Noribachi is a privately held company incorporated in the State of Delaware with offices in Los Angeles, CA and Albuquerque, NM. For more information please visit noribachi.com.ABOUT CANBERRACANBERRA, an AREVA Company, has been serving the nuclear community for over four decades. The company is the leading provider of innovative and cost-effective nuclear measurement solutions used to maintain safety of personnel, assess the health of nuclear facilities and safeguard the public and the environment. Headquartered in Meriden, CT, CANBERRA operates production and engineering facilities worldwide. For more information visit www.canberra.com.

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