Lutron showcases latest work and home light control at Light+Building 2012

April 16, 2012
Date Announced: 16 Apr 2012 Lutron Electronics Co. Inc., experts in light control, showcases its latest range of energy efficient commercial and residential light control solutions at Light+Building 2012. The stand, which has had it’s lighting designed by award winning Dean Skira, will demonstrate the potential of both Lutron’s commercial and residential systems, including Quantum® as well as the newly introduced HomeWorks® QS residential system and shades solutions.Lutron’s commercial light control solutions:Total commercial light management At Light+Building 2012 Lutron will also be showcasing its latest commercial solutions, including the company’s total light management system, Quantum. Using the latest in light technology, Quantum can minimise the energy consumption and use of electric light within commercial buildings and reduce costs by up to 60%. Quantum consists of a range of products from the Lutron energy suite that allow users to configure, control and monitor all electric and daylight within a building to save money and energy. These products include Hyperion™ solar adaptive shading which automatically adjusts and repositions Lutron Sivoia® QS window shades based on the sun’s position throughout the day to effectively manage daylight within a commercial space. Hyperion ensures ultimate control of light levels while removing glare and reducing solar heat gain by up to 30% and heat loss by up to 29% . Lutron’s Quantum system also includes Green Glance™, a display software package which provides real-time and historic reporting on energy savings within a building. Providing information on energy consumption, current cost savings as well as potential future light savings, Green Glance can educate as well as motivate employees to be energy efficient and socially responsible. The software can also display other environmentally efficient facts about a building, such as details on waste reduction programs or water efficiency systems.Hospitality solutionsAlso on stand at the show will be Lutron’s Guestroom Solution, the latest in stylish and scalable hotel light control technology. Designed for use in single guestrooms or entire hotels, the Guestroom Solution provides the ultimate in energy-efficient, easy-to-use light control technology that also allows for control curtains and blinds in guestrooms. With both wired and wireless solutions available, Lutron’s Guestroom Solution provides the perfect answer to hotel operators’ demand for a control system that can manage any load with elegant but intuitive and simple wall commands. In addition, Lutron will be showcasing its full range of Hospitality Solutions which allow hoteliers to save energy and reduce costs, all in one go. These include Lutron’s GRAFIK Eye® QS Wireless system, perfect for controlling lights and mood in any of the public spaces, whatever the task or activity. Lutron’s Radio Powr Savr Daylight sensors and Occupancy/Vacancy sensors can be wirelessly linked to the system, and, when combined with Lutron’s Sivoia® QS wireless precision-control roller blinds, ensure the ultimate in artificial and natural light control.Perfect for hallways or back-of-house within a hotel, the Rania® wireless RF switch and Radio Powr Savr™ sensor package will also be on Lutron’s stand at Light+Building to demonstrate the time-saving, and cost-effectiveness of this retrofit light control solution. Lutron’s whole-home light control solutions:HomeWorks QS takes light control to the next levelLutron’s HomeWorks QS system offers end-users simple to use, yet powerful control of lights, shades and HVAC services. It has been designed to be easily installed in not only new, but retrofit applications and operates via Lutron’s Clear Connect™ Radio Frequency (RF) technology. The system’s Dynamic Keypad™, which features a wall-mounted touch interface, provides users with extensive control of the HomeWorks QS system by enabling them to control not only light levels but HVAC and AV equipment in several rooms, or throughout the entire home, from a single location. As well as having expanded control functionality, HomeWorks QS includes wireless state-of-the-art technology to operate window coverings and the ability to dim high-efficacy lights sources, such as LEDs and fluorescents, with ultimate confidence. From dawn to dusk total shades controlLutron also features its newly launched Serena remote controlled shades solution at Light+Building 2012. Backed by Lutron quality, yet at highly affordable prices, Serena shades, which include a unique insulating honeycomb fabric, offer incredible flexibility and value to installers and end users alike.Featuring Triathlon™ power technology which provides a 3-year battery life, Serena ultra quiet (44 dBA) shades can be installed quickly and easily using only two brackets and four screws. Operated by Lutron’s IR remotes or other programmable, universal remotes, the shades can be adjusted from anywhere in the room, making them ideal for even the most difficult to reach locations.Available in a wide range of colours and fabric opacities, from sheer and translucent to room darkening, Lutron’s Serena shades, offer users the ability to achieve optimal levels of light control and privacy for any space. Jennifer Suarez, marketing at Lutron comments: “Light+Building 2012 is an opportunity for us to show our residential and commercial customers the breadth of total light management solutions that are on offer from Lutron. Our range of light control solutions not only offer end-users simple to use, highly intuitive control of both natural and artificial light, but significant energy savings.” To find out more information on Lutron and its range of products and systems visit Booth 4.1 C61at Light+Building 2012, go to or follow Lutron on Twitter @Lutron_LandB12The Industry LeaderFor over 50 years, Lutron has met and exceeded the highest standards of quality, making us the industry leader in light control. As an industry innovator, Lutron holds over 2,000 patents and manufactures over 15,000 products, including the invention of the first solidstate dimmer and fluorescent dimming technology.Lutron is also the most highly recommended and most consistently selected light control provider in the market due to exceptional reliability and customer support. Lutron is the only company that can control both daylight and electric light, and as a complete light control provider, manufactures the equipment installed and are fully accountable for the system’s performance and reliability.Sustainability Fast FactsLutron customers save over 9 billion kWh of energy each year, with the installation of Lutron’s energy suite of light control products. This is equivalent to:•As much energy as 2,000 windmills produce in one year•Enough energy to light 4.5 million homes for one year•Enough energy to light and power Times Square for 10 years•As much CO2 as 2 million acres of trees absorb in one year

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