Ilumiline Inground 12 IP WW from Iluminarc

April 20, 2012
Date Announced: 20 Apr 2012 ILUMINARC®, a U.S.-based lighting manufacturer and leader in LED illumination, announces the indoor/outdoor lighting solution Ilumiline Inground 12 IP WW, perfect for wall grazing and suited for installation in commercial spaces, homes, lobbies, hospitals or in exterior settings such as building façades and entranceways.This sturdy multipurpose LED linear wash light has 12 warm white 1-watt LEDs that project elegant and simple warm lighting. With an ingress protection of 67, Ilumiline Inground 12 IP WW features 316 marine-grade stainless steel hardware and a 316 steel trim ring to protect against corrosive environments. For secure and easy in-ground installation, Ilumiline Inground 12 IP WW has a cement pour kit, while the three-ton drive-over-rated tempered glass lens cover adds to its resistance. For more protection in the harshest of environments, Ilumiline Inground 12 IP WW is covered in a UV-resistant black powder coat.Ilumiline Inground 12 IP WW is configured using the Ilumicode Addresser and can be controlled via one channel of DMX. An integral driver with an auto-switching power supply automatically detects the input voltage, ranging from 100 to 240V. The humidity controlling GORE® valve equalizes internal and external pressure and keeps water and dust away, while the Integrated Cooling Enhancement™ design, or ICE™, amplifies cooling efficiency in the external and internal components to ensure optimal operating temperature of the LEDs, which helps to maximize the lifespan of the fixture.


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