Toshiba showcases wide range of LED lighting solutions and introduces breakthrough innovations

April 16, 2012
Date Announced: 16 Apr 2012 Toshiba Lighting Division today announces that it will showcase its leading edge series of innovative, high-performance, energy efficient lighting solutions at Light+Building 2012, the world’s leading trade fair for architecture and lighting technology. On this occasion, it will be possible to discover new LED products and lighting control solutions, as well as new, unseen Toshiba technologies such as OLED and LD[1]-Lighting.In just two years, Toshiba has successfully introduced its LED lighting products and solutions in Europe. Today, as a key actor, the division continues to be a major innovative leader in introducing new ultra-efficient LED products and lighting technologies.Toshiba’s strengths in lighting technology rest on bringing high levels of energy efficiency to practical lighting applications, without any compromises in light quality or ambience. Moving the LED lighting business forward, Toshiba has stopped manufacturing general incandescent lamps and is now focused everyday on offering new lighting products and solutions for commercial, industrial, office, outdoor and indoor uses.From today, April 15th, until the end of the fair, each visitor will be able to discover Toshiba’s large range of LED products and solutions designed to perfectly answer the widest lighting needs (ex: LED downlight, flood, road light, retrofit lamps and more, as well as light management innovations).During the fair, Toshiba will also introduce new products and technologies for a very exclusive breakthrough into the future of lighting. Today, though LED technology is Toshiba’s most important lighting activity, it is only part of the global effort the Group is making to head towards a new lighting paradigm that focuses on:- energy saving solutions and products- smart lighting control - light quality and people well-beingAs a result, at Light+Building 2012, Toshiba will showcase not only its LED and light management expertise, but will also introduce lighting innovations that are complementary to existing LED solutions. Among the new technologies and products Toshiba will present at the Fair:LED street lighting LED street lighting using lighting control is developed in collaboration with Landis + Gyr. This new product can be controlled through numerous devices (computer, tablet…). It enables outdoor lighting management (particularly in cities) depending on the timing and/or the need (ex: low lumen output when there are few people at night or intense lighting if there is an accident). Compared to existing lighting solutions (few intensity positions), LED street lighting is highly flexible (dimmable) and the lighting intensity can be controlled from 0% to 100% with extreme precision.Multi-colours LED ceiling lightThe combination of white LEDs and the three primary colour LEDs (R: red, G: green, and B: Blue) enables a new illumination rendering that is not achievable by conventional lighting methods. In addition to the six specifically designed light patterns (Bright, Study, Sleep, Relaxation, Theatre, and Healing) this ceiling light fixture gives warm to cool white with dimming and also multi-colour variations.OLED Ultra flat and glare-free, these luminous panes are reinventing lighting. OLED lighting solutions rely on this concept of direct electrical energy converted into light, by using molecules instead of crystals. This allows larger surfaces of light to be created, and these surfaces to be shaped and manipulated. OLEDs, organic light-emitting diodes form thin luminous surfaces.They belong to the family of semi-conductor lighting sources just like LEDs, which are commonly used for outdoor lighting and automobiles. However, OLEDs rely on some special organic metal compounds to emit light.OLED contains 0% polluting components.OLED is 100 % useful lighting.OLED is glare-free.OLED is ultra-flat.OLED can reflect any color of the light spectrum.Lots of applications are already developed by Toshiba and will be displayed on the Light+ Building Toshiba gave 110 OLED lamps to the Japanese stricken population after the Great East Japan Earthquake and its energy shortages consequencesLD-Lighting developed Harison Toshiba Lighting Corp.LD-Lighting is a brand-new, ultra high luminance white light source, using cutting-edge technologies. It achieves performance of much higher luminance within a much smaller area, for various applications that require much higher luminous flux than conventional white LEDs.Such outstanding performance is achieved by a small-form factor, lightweight emitter unit including optics and a small phosphor area. The emitter unit is coupled with optical fibres and separated from a LD light engine containing multiple blue light sources (LDs). In parallel, LD does not contain any electrical components in the emitter unit. This way, it enables to downsize luminaires and greatly improved design flexibility.For further information, please visit: THE TOSHIBA NEW LIGHTING SYSTEMS DIVISION IN EUROPEThe Toshiba New Lighting Systems division markets innovative and design-oriented lighting solutions meeting the needs of customers at a time of tremendous change in the segment. Toshiba manufactures high-performance LED lamps and a whole range of lighting solutions. For further information, please visit

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