Lumenpulse expands Lumenbeam series with small version

April 12, 2012
Date Announced: 12 Apr 2012 New architectural LED projector offers additional flexibility for landscape architects and lighting designers Montreal, QC - Lumenpulse Inc. (, a leading innovator and manufacturer of high performance, architectural LED-based lighting solutions for commercial, institutional, and urban environments, today announced the release of the Lumenbeam Small. Developed for exterior applications such as lighting landscapes, trees, pathways, monuments and architectural details, the Lumenbeam Small is a compact, low-wattage, high performance projector.Using only 14 watts, the Lumenbeam Small is a line voltage luminaire (120 to 277 volts), and offers a flexible package of options, including a choice of optics for flood or accent lighting. A range of accessories, including snoots and visors, help with beam control and avoid glare, while a wire guard provides protection for the fixture. Available in various color temperatures, the Lumenbeam Small has an optional corrosion-resistant coating that protects the luminaire in marine and coastal areas.A new stake mount option enables Lumenbeam Small and Lumenbeam Medium models to be secured in the ground for garden and landscape lighting applications. And with pole mount, wall mount and surface ground mount options, combined with a compact footprint for tight spaces, the Lumenbeam Small provides additional flexibility for designers. “The Lumenbeam Small meets a need that has been expressed to us repeatedly by lighting designers, who want to carry their design to the pathways and landscaped areas approaching the building,” said Yvan Hamel, Lumenpulse Vice President of Product Development. “It is a very versatile fixture with its size, mounting options, color choices and accessories offering flexibility to meet many challenges.” The Lumenbeam Small is the latest addition to a family of robust, high performance projectors that has already been validated with a number of honors, including recognition in the PIA Awards in 2011 and 2012, together with a Lightfair Innovation Award 2011 and a Red Dot Product Design Award 2012 for Lumenbeam LBX – the largest fixture in the range.With various sizes of projectors and pendants, the family enables lighting planners to solve various challenges – from large public atriums to small architectural details – using a single, consistent but scalable form. Lumenbeam products are already at work illuminating iconic structures like the General Motors’ Renaissance Center headquarters in Detroit, BC Place Stadium in Vancouver and Montreal’s Museum of Contemporary Art. Available in white, static colors, Dynamic White and RGB, the white product is offered in 5 color temperatures; 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and 5700K. The 4000K version produces 28,261 candelas at nadir with a 6˚ optic. Finally, Lumenpulse products, including the Lumenbeam Small, utilize a dual chamber technology, which helps dissipate heat creating an unmatched L70 lifetime of 120,000 hours … the longest in the industry. Full details are available on the Lumenpulse website at

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