Runion Energy affordable LED 2x4 parabolic fixture

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Runion Energy introduces an affordable solution to current T-8 lighting solutions,after months of testing and planning we have come up with what we feel is the most cost-effective product on the market with the best quailty and performance, with various lumen output and universial wiring and the fact the Led tubes are a direct replacment for current T-8 systems sets them apart from the current market products.Below is a listing of Product features and contact information.


* Direct Replacement - works with existing T8 Lamps

* Does not impact the UL Listing of the fixture

* Low Energy one third less than fluorescent T8s

* Environmentally friendly: no mercury

* Low Lumen Depreciation: Maintains brightness over 50K rated life

* No flickering

* Minimum heat emission reducing loading on building cooling systems

* Spec Grade style Fixtures

* 3500K, 4100K , 5000K colors available

* Lumen outputs- (2) tube= 4200 lumens, (3) tube= 6300 lumens, (4)
tube= 8400 lumens.

* Wattages (2) tube= 44watts, (3) tube= 66watts, (4) tube= 88watts

* Fixtures made in USA UL Listed

* Led tubes are ETL Listed voltage 120-277vac

* Warranty- 5 years on fixture and Led tubes

* Current styles available- Parabolic, Prisimatic 2x4

* Industry breaking pricing- (2) tube led Prisimatic Fixtures starting
at $139 ea.Pricing based on orders over (25) units.

* Pictured Fixture starts at $169 a unit.

For more information on pricing or shipping please call us.

Runion Energy Solutions 304-263-3695

Web Site:

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