Baltic Crystal – new synthetic sapphire crystal plant with top level automation

July 30, 2012
Date Announced: 30 Jul 2012 The Baltic Crystal company announces that operations are under way at its new synthetic monocrystalline sapphire plant, whose investment total is USD 15 million. According to volume planned, Baltic Crystal is a mid-level crystal producer, supplying material for light-emitting diode-makers in Southeast Asia.During the initial stage of Baltic Crystal operations, the plant’s end-product will be 4" and 6" (in diameter) cylindrical crystal ingots. Long-term plans also include producing as-cut wafers. The plant’s average production capacity could reach around 30 tons of crystals per year, turnover - USD 13 million.“We have introduced a unique production process quality management system, which considerably increases the output of crystals suitable for industrial production and guarantees clients constant volumes of high quality production. Moreover, a high level of automation of our production technologies helps us to anticipate how many crystals would be of good quality before their growing process finishes, so it means we can satisfy any volumes of supplies. We believe that we are competitive newcomers on the world’s market of sapphire producers,” emphasizes Andrey Mikhaylov, CEO of Baltic Crystal.Baltic Crystal representative predicts that the company’s long-term development will be determined by future market trends. After achieving the initially planned production capacity in the first year of operations, Baltic Crystal could set up additional equipment, increasing crystal growing and ingot production volumes or launch in-depth crystal processing, producing polished plates for light-emitting diodes for Chinese, Taiwanese, South Korean and Japanese markets.The new production facility is located in Latvia, in the territory of the European Union, where the bloc’s legislation guarantees business safety, the state grants tax breaks within the framework of a long-term investment support program and the tax system is understandable and transparent. Baltic Crystal is a manufacturer and supplier of synthetic monocrystalline for optical electronics and other sectors.

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