NTL Electronics India achieves sales of 3 million LED bulbs over a period of a year

July 31, 2012
Date Announced: 31 Jul 2012 NTL Electronics India achieves sales of 3 million LED bulbs over a period of a yearFrom 2 million LED lamps in 9 months to 3 million in a year, NTL Electronics moves from strength to strengthNTL Electronics India Limited, the Rs. 557 Cr (Over US$ 110 million) Lighting Electronics major from India, announced sales of 3.05 million LED lamps for the period July 2011 to June 2012. This is yet another major milestone for NTL after the 2 million LED lamps sales till April 2012.The LED lamps are the typical replacement of incandescent and CFL bulbs that are in use at homes and in commercial spaces. The number gains significance in the global context, as Strategies Unlimited a leading market research firm has estimated the 2011 global sales of LED retrofit lamps to be 39.9 Mn. “In our new company, NTL Lemnis, we have a renewed focus on LED lighting. Globally, LEDs are fast replacing any other form of lighting and we are convinced that it will be the same for India shortly”, says Mr. Arun Gupta, MD, NTL Electronics India Ltd. and Global CEO, NTL Lemnis BV. NTL Lemnis is the JV of NTL Electronics India with Lemnis of Netherlands. Lemnis is the global leader and prime innovator in the LED lighting segment.The LED market is expected to grow manifold over years, with the focus globally on creating sustainable and energy efficient lighting systems. Strategies Unlimited pegs the market at 90.82 million LED lamps by 2015. In India, the impetus for growth will be provided by increasing focus on quality indoor and outdoor lighting. Global bans on usage that countries like Australia have already imposed on the usage of Incandescent lamps as well as the commitment from most developed countries to phase these out by 2015 have further boosted the growth prospects of LED as the preferred lighting source. Longer life and energy efficiency as well as the fact that LEDs provide environment friendly technology are some of the other reasons for the significant development of LEDs across the world. The main entry barrier is the high upfront costs as well as the lack of awareness. Government interventions in the segment are helping a lot and it is believed that this will lead to better adoption of the technology. In addition, the initiatives taken by the regulatory bodies and the incentivising of the sector by tax laws etc, are also leading to development of the sector.LED market in India is developing by leaps and bounds and the main activity is in commercial segments. The street lighting segment is also witnessing a spate of activity and the early adapters include the automotive lighting segment, publicity signages and solar lighting segments.About NTL Electronics India Limited:NTL began its operations in the year 1993 and started its lighting journey in the year 2002. In less than 10 years of this journey, NTL has become the largest electronic manufacturing company in the lighting industry in India. The company has grown at an impressive CAGR of 52% in the last 5 years and has become a Rs. 557 Cr (Over US$ 110 million) company in the year 2011-12. In 2010, a Private Equity firm, CX Partners, picked up a 20% stake in the company. NTL’s biggest strengths are its development and manufacturing capabilities. As a result time to market for new products is not very large. This capability allows NTL to give a large range of products to its customers, the who’s who of the lighting industry. Today, the product portfolio of NTL comprises of electronic control gears, ballasts, luminaires, retrofit CFLs, LED drivers and LED lamps About NTL Lemnis: Set up in April 2012, NTL Lemnis is a joint venture company between NTL Electronics India and Lemnis Lighting, the Netherlands. The company has been setup to design, produce and sell energy efficient, LED lighting solutions for India as well as the global audience. NTL Lemnis will exploit the global design, production and distribution strengths of both the parent companies to deliver innovative solutions for Home & Commercial lighting globally. NTL Lemnis will primarily focus on the geographical markets of Europe, Africa and India with company offices in Barneveld, Netherlands and Noida, India. Both companies have been working closely together for several years already. Together, the two companies have already made bulk sales of LED bulbs by supplying over 2 Million LED bulbs just in the last few months.The Joint venture will look at producing the complete range of energy efficient LED lighting products under the umbrella of the acclaimed Lemnis brand, Pharox, globally. The company’s USP will be its ability to develop and manufacture products, which are direct replacements of traditional lighting solutions, at market acceptable prices, without compromising on the quality of light. The JV is especially focused on industries such as Retail, IT, Hospitality & Healthcare.

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