More than 80% of energy saved thanks to LED light lines used for corridor lighting

July 27, 2012
Date Announced: 27 Jul 2012 The Public Works Department of Zurich's City Council conducted a pilot measurement project together with Eteam GmbH and Zumtobel. The lighting in two identical corridors in the Zurich-based Werd Administrative Centre was investigated to establish the potential energy savings that can be obtained using LEDs and optimised presence-based control. The result at the end of the four-month measurement period: LED lighting operated in the most energy-efficient mode can save more than 80% of energy, compared to conventional fluorescent lamp technology. For the pilot project, one of the two corridors remained unchanged: the conventional fluorescent lamps were switched off by presence detectors as soon as there had been no one in the corridor for more than ten minutes. The other corridor was fitted with innovative Slotlight LED luminaires by Zumtobel. In addition, the switch-off delay of the presence detectors was reduced down to one minute in several stages. In the case of LEDs, frequent switching or dimming has no adverse effects on lighting comfort and causes no wear. The measured power consumption of the LED solution with optimised presence monitoring was 81% less than that of comparable luminaires fitted with fluorescent lamps. “The result of the pilot project shows that LED technology combined with appropriate lighting control allows for huge potential savings and is by far superior to current standard corridor lighting concepts that are also deemed to be energy-efficient”, explains Daniel Cathomen, Zumtobel Marketing Manager Switzerland, further adding: “A combination of appropriate light sources and a finely tuned lighting management system therefore creates innovative, energy-optimised, future-proof lighting solutions that are highly acceptable to users and have short payback periods.”

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