Fulham Expands Its LED Exit Sign Offerings

July 30, 2012
Date Announced: 30 Jul 2012 Fulham’s FireHorse® Brand of LED Exit Signs has expanded to include a Dual Circuit LED option. Dual Circuit LED exit signs feature two AC connections. These signs are for use in facilities that are wired with a main AC electrical circuit and an emergency electrical circuit. High-rise buildings and other types of commercial properties often use dual circuit systems.These UL, Damp-Location Rated exit signs are available now with white housing and red or green letter color options. Ask Fulham about its FHEX21 series or visit www.fulham.com for added details about these and other LED egress options.

Jay Matsueda Director of Marketing

E-mail:[email protected]

Web Site:horse.fulham.com/product-systems/emergency-systems/