DALI Power cooperates with NXP in LED driver market layout

July 23, 2012
Date Announced: 23 Jul 2012 Recently, reporters knows that Chinese well-known LED driver manufacturer(Dali Power) had strategically made relationship with globally advanced Semi-conductor Company(NXP). They will have wider cooperations in LED drivers technology, LED lighting application, information exchange and marketing promotions, and drive the layout in LED drivers market. Dali Power strive for innovation applied in LED driver areas, then provide high quality lumen output with lower cost. Also driving LED widely used and applied has always been Dali Power's responsibility. Its main business is to provide LED power drivers. With its strong advantage in LED drivers design and technology, Dali Power will have development in products display, new products promotion, markets feedbacks and technology communications and applications from the NXP support of intelligent IC chip and WLCSP advantage.Xiang weihua, manager of Feizhen Electronics, thought that Dali and NXP ‘s cooperation has assimilated LED lighting industry seamlessly from chips and products to marketing’s industrial connection. The have broken the traditionally passive technology support and sales pattern, and all these have promoted the interaction between the original factory and applied part to improve it tightly and flexibly. The mutual developed pattern will be promote both to the high-end LED driver market. Jekay Wu-Dali Power general manager said: from indoor low efficiency LED driver and bulbs, to high efficiency use of full LED equipments and street lamps in business and industry, all the LED lightings solution's applied requirements are rapidly increasing, so LED lighting are in great demand in future. And Dali Power will take an important place with its intelligently controlled driver technology and High thermal conductivity technology. At the same time, NXP's wide view and technology will help the Dali Power business a lot. And let the Dali Power lead the industrial innovation when it happens in the future.It is estimated that global LED driver market will have new business amount of 10 billion USD in the near future. With stimulation from laws and the high electricity price, the LED driver market will be more prosperous. It is wished to bring the sales of 4 billion turnovers per year, nearly gross output to 10 billion USD. For more information DALI power, please visit http://www.daliled.com

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