20 years MAZeT: New visual identity and slogan

July 3, 2012
Date Announced: 03 Jul 2012 Jena (Germany) July 3, 2012 - On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the company MAZeT Gmbh - Development and manufacturing service provider for embedded systems and optoelectronic solutions from Jena, Germany - presents their new Corporate Design. Dr. Fred Gruntert, CEO of the company mentioned: "MAZeT celebrates their 20th anniversary since the company foundation", he added "We can look back at a successful company history and have defined ambitious groth targets for the future. This was the reason for us to fundamentally update our company profile and appearance. We present us as a modern and especially customer-oriented service provider. "The redesign of the company logo is a logical step in a number of measures towards increasing service quality, the expansion of quality management programs to meet the requirements of DIN EN ISO 13485 for medical devices and the project oriented company organization in general. With the new logo and matching Corporate Design - presented online (www.mazet.de), during trade shows and via print media - MAZeT wants to demonstrate their increasing market performance.Fresh design and new logoThe alignment of the new logo, the design of the characters and the clear message stating the business objective signalize strength and trust to the customers. The modern and yet timeless appearance of the lettering embodies innovation and long-term stability. The modified and still lowercase symbolized "e" stands for electronic - the core business of MAZeT. Blue remains the primary color of MAZeT's appearance, since blue is the color of the sky, of infinity and the desire to seek out new horizons. This element accompanied MAZeT for the past years, since the foundation and has been a necessary requirement in designing a successful future.20 years MAZeTIn 1992, MAZeT GmbH was set up as an engineering consultancy for electronic design services in Erfurt with one business branch in Jena. The first years of company history were marked by the gathering of special know-how in industrial applications and medical devices. Consistent growth in sales over all of the company's operating years and a consequential extension of its workforce testify to the company's successful history. Since the foundation of the company many things have happened, changed and developed.Some employees have followed the entire path and story of the combination of "Mikroeletronik" and of Carl Zeiss Jena towards the company foundation of MAZeT. CEO Dr. Fred Gruntert, who accompanies MAZeT since the early beginnings and is one of the main company drivers and founders, said: "As part of the SICAN network we gave our company a name and logo, which was to demonstrate that we were part of the SICAN network." He continues: "We have experienced continuous growth and developed our own profile and more than ten years ago we were able to gain our largest customers as shareholders."With the new visual identity and slogan MAZeT wants to continue the success story and continue to be known for their expertise, high quality, first-class service, delivery reliability and customer friendliness.

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