Spark new LED tunnel lights project in Central Americas

July 12, 2012
Date Announced: 12 Jul 2012 SPARK just finished one tunnel light project of changing high pressure sodium lamp to LED tunnel lights in Central Americas. From the selection of led lamps to the lighting simulation, SPARK provided customer one satisfactory solution.1. Project DesignNot like general road lighting, tunnel lighting, with distinct specificity and importance, play vital role for safety traffic in tunnels. When design tunnel lighting, SPARK fully consider people’s eyes brightness adaption and darkness adaption factors, emphasis on transitional space and transitional lighting.1.1 To meet people’s eyes’ adaption requirements, tunnel lighting area are divided into five sections, entrance section, transition section I, transition section II, basic section and exit section. Each plays roles as following:① Entrance section: to eliminate “black hole” phenomenon, drivers can identify obstacles at the entrance;② Transition section I: after entering the tunnel, drivers can adapt quickly;③ Transition section II: drivers adapt to the lighting inside tunnels;④ Basic section: basic lighting inside tunnels;⑤ Exist section: at day time, drivers can adapt to the glare of exist, eliminating “bright hole”; At night, drivers can see external road linear and obstacles on road, also eliminating “black hole” phenomenon.1.2 Lighting area length and min. luminanceSpeed (km/h) Entrance section Transition section I Length Luminance Length Luminance 80 40m 80 40m 80-46 60 25m 50 30m 50-30 Speed (km/h) Transition section II Total length of entrance Length Luminance 80 40m 46-45 120m 60 30m 30-23 85m 2. Selection of LED lampsUse SPARK SPT-125, 125w LED tunnel light, adopt original CREE LEDs, good heat dissipation effect, zero light decay after 6000 hrs lighting.3. Lighting effect comparisonWith high pressure sodium lamp, lighting effect very bad, traffic accidents occur frequently. After replacement, using high-quality white LED lighting to meet the horizontal illuminance and vertical illuminance uniformity in the view, provide the best visual experience for vehicles.

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