LED Japan Conference & Expo/Strategies in Light 2012 conference program announced

July 10, 2012
Date Announced: 10 Jul 2012 The fifth annual LED Japan/Strategies in Light Conference and Expo is being held September 25 -27 at Pacifico Yokohama. This year’s event continues a tradition of LED Japan conferences which began in 2008. In recent years, attendance has exceeded 5,000 and the exhibit floor has been sold out. This year’s conference theme is The LED Market: Recovery and Growth ProspectsAfter nearly doubling in 2010, the LED market settled down to a much lower rate of growth (about 10%) in 2011. Although adoption of LED backlights in LCD monitors and TVs continued, the worldwide consumer market for these products slowed considerably. On the other hand the use of LEDs in general lighting applications grew at a spectacular rate of 46%. However, lighting accounted for just 16% of the LED market in 2011, so the solid growth in lighting did not have a great impact on the overall market. However, as the backlight market saturates over the next few years, the main driver for overall market growth will shift to the adoption of LED lighting, which is still in its early stages. The focus for the LED Japan/Strategies in Light Conference and Expo 2012 is on the developments in LED applications, technology and government policies that will continue to drive the market forward over the next five years and beyond. The conference length this year has been expanded to three full days. The first half of the conference, from Tuesday morning, September 25 through noon on September 26 will be occupied by a track on LED Market and Technology. Topics to be addressed include: recent worldwide market growth and a five-year forecast; the applications that will help to accelerate the overall market for LEDs; new chip and packaging technologies; and innovations in LED manufacturing.Because of the increasing attention being given to LED lighting in the marketplace and in government policies around the world, a separate conference track has been developed just for LED lighting. The LED Lighting track will take place from the afternoon of September 26 until the close of the conference on September 27. Topics to be addressed include: a market overview of LED lighting; recent projects that highlight the attributes of LED lighting: development of standards and compliance procedures, and the challenges of retrofitting LED lighting into the existing electrical infrastructure.In addition to conference programs that will address the important industry developments discussed above, LED Japan/Strategies in Light Conference and Expo 2012 will also include a comprehensive exhibit area throughout the three-day conference period. The exhibit area will also feature a variety of exhibitor presentations.

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