Emergence Technology Consultants, LLC, announces revolutionary solution for all existing fluorescent fixtures

July 18, 2012
Date Announced: 18 Jul 2012 Mount Airy, MD - Emergence Technology Consultants, LLC, today announces its latest patent-pending advancement in Light-Emitting Diode (LED) lighting systems designed to retrofit all traditional fluorescent fixtures currently deploying energy inefficient fluorescent light bulbs in hospitals, schools and office buildings.Emergence’s LED Panel Retrofit Kits are populated with their proprietary Healthy-Lite™ LEDs which deliver near-full spectrum light compared to traditional fluorescents. It has been well documented that exposure to light closer to daylight helps keep individuals who are indoors all day remain on their circadian rhythm, helping them stay awake and work or rest better with no eye fatigue, headaches or other problems long associated with fluorescent tubes. Healthy-Lite™ LEDs are currently available in Emergence’s linear series replacement lamps.Emergence specializes in the adaptation of emerging and disruptive LED technology solutions and is the largest single provider of linear LED replacement lamps for the U.S. hospital industry with over 43,000 custom manufactured linear LED replacement lamps in service – with zero failures. Emergence’s founder, Howard G. Weinberg states: “The technology of LED panels as a replacement for traditional fluorescent fixtures represents a rare convergence of technology and market need. We have developed a simple retrofit kit that is a financially compelling alternative to full-fixture replacement solutions as LED technologies rapidly become critical to the economic stability of all major hospitals, educational institutions and commercial buildings in the United States.”

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