LEDLinX launches a modular LED light engine system for commercial and industrial lighting applications

July 31, 2012
Date Announced: 31 Jul 2012 ‘Commonsense’ solution answers need of ‘options-restricted’ customersLEDLinX is taking the lighting industry back to the basics and returning the power of the fixture design to the hands of the manufacturer. Lighting fixture manufacturers, designers, architects and specifiers seeking modular LED solutions for commercial and industrial applications will welcome the simple yet unprecedented LEDLinX Light Engine system. The system, which features five different geometries for ultimate design flexibility and superior scalability, is now available for immediate shipment.The LEDLinX Light Engine system does not require special engineering beyond that required to design any traditional lighting fixture and frees all levels of design to create new fixtures or retrofits. Now any lighting fixture company’s designers can easily use their normal tools and eliminate the need and cost of non-lighting engineers.LEDLinX Light Engines, which can be used as multiples or partials for infinite design combinations, produce precise light output for virtually all requirements. For every 100 Watts expended by traditional light sources, the LEDLinX Light Engine system uses 18-24 watts, delivers better light quality, and virtually eliminates maintenance costs.Any fixture can be replaced or retrofitted using the LEDLinX Light Engine system: •Recessed, surface-mount and high wattage HID can fixtures can be replaced with a single, circular LEDLinX Light Engine, which consumes between 16-25W.•Strip lights, troffers, cove, and other linear luminaires can be replaced with LEDLinX 11” or 15” Linear strip at 6.4W per linear foot and produce the same or greater light level than a 25W lamp driven with a low ballast factor.•Lower mounting height floods, wall packs, parking garages and sconces of 35 – 175W can be replaced with a single LEDLinX Light Engine Low Power Rectangle card delivering more than 100 lumens per watt. All high power LEDLinX Light Engine delivers the same or greater performance.•High wattage applications can be replaced with fixtures utilizing a LEDLinX High Power Light Engine Rectangle card producing greater light output with a 70% reduction in energy cost.•Parking garage, architectural and ceiling mount 360° throw fixtures up to 250W can be replaced by three LEDLinX Triangle Light Engines which can produce 25% more light output with a 70% reduction in energy cost.The LEDLinX Light Engine system has all the necessary components to create reliable, incentive-approved fixtures. The system includes the light module, thermal management, connectors, power drivers and secondary optics when needed for precise optical control. Until the LEDLinX Light Engine system, fixture manufacturers were forced to make fixture design and performance compromises to accommodate the available LED technology. Now, lighting fixtures created using the LEDLinX Light Engine system will not only be here today, but tomorrow as well due to the ability to update a single component as LED technology progresses.About LEDLinXLEDLinX delivers a unique modular Light Engine solution for lighting fixture manufacturers, designers, specifiers and architects. The system offers a completely scalable LED solution and includes the light module, power driver, thermal management, connector, and secondary optics. LEDLinX addresses the need to realize limitless LED design options for commercial and industrial applications. For more information please visit www.LEDLinX.com.

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