Zhongtian Lighting releases ZT-M16G5.3-131A

July 21, 2012
Date Announced: 21 Jul 2012 Today, Zhongtian Lighting released its latest product-----3W LED spot light M16-CU5.3. It is designed to be an alternative for the traditional bulbs, which plays a more important role in the daily life accordingly.Its overall size is D49.5*H50.5mm, using 6030 aluminum and PC cover as its base material and housing material respectively. Its working voltage is 12VAC/DC, and can be easily deployed and stowed by one person. The brand chips and high-quality power supply enable it to work for 50000 hours with a high output lumens, which makes luminous efficacy reach to 70-100lm per watt. This model is ideal for home lighting, commercial shops’ decoration lighting, stores, hotels, and cafes and so on. In addition, the LED light heads are constructed of thick aluminum with unbreakable lenses and are IP68 rated waterproof to three meters of submersion. These LED spot lights offer cool operation, and bright white output which easily outclasses and outperforms traditional halogen lamps. Compared to the traditional lights, its working hours last about 20 times longer than that of the bulbs and its power consumption is as less as 10%. LED spot lights emit directional light, focusing on a single area. What’s more, dynamic manage the brightness and color of LED light is available, high color purity and continuous adjustable brightness are realizable, and it can understand the dynamic transformation and digital manage. Meanwhile, it benefits a lot to the environment and people’s eyesight, because the LED spot doesn’t contain those hazardous chemical elements such as lead and mercury. It has a stable performance as well and it can be easily transported with its light weigh and small size.Zhongtian Lighting hopes the LED spot lights sell as good as its LED tubes, which are the best-sellers in Japan. The idea will be realized soon as Zhongtian Lighting is developing the new products and increasing its category continuously. It will become a bigger comprehensive supplier of LED lights with various series and offer the considerate service to the customers.Please visit http://www.ztlights.com/LED-Spot-Light.html to learn more about Zhongtian Lighting or its products.

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