DELO introduces high-performance LED curing lamps

July 16, 2012
Date Announced: 16 Jul 2012 -- DELOLUX 80 / 400 area lamp with increased intensity and larger irradiation area-- DELOLUX 50 / 400 spot lamp for thicker adhesive layers and transmission of plasticsWindach: DELO’s goal is an even faster and more efficient curing of light- and UV-curing adhesives. The company sets new standards with innovative high-performance LED curing lamps. The intensity and the dimensions of the irradiated area of DELOLUX 80 / 400 could be significantly increased. The family of the DELOLUX 50 LED spot lamps was extended by a version with a wavelength of 400 nm. With this lamp, thicker adhesive layers can be cured and plastics are better transmitted. “Our newly developed lamps comply with the customers’ increased need for faster processes with improved control.”, says Dr. Alexander Walter Product Manager at DELO. “Our lamps are multi-purpose and fully compatible with all DELO adhesives, but focus dissimilar application tasks.”The water-cooled DELOLUX 80 / 400 combines high intensity with fast curing of an even and large irradiation area. The light exit area is 85 percent larger than that of the predecessor. Thanks to the innovative optical system, the intensity is very evenly distributed on a significantly larger irradiation area. Thus, the components to be bonded are homogeneously irradiated even at varying work distances. The result is the utmost flexibility of the distance between lamp head and component with dissimilar dimensions.DELOLUX 80 / 400 is already used in the production line of Knowles Sound Solutions, the market and innovation leader in mobile phone loudspeakers. Wolfgang Suete, Process Engineer at Knowles Sound Solutions, summarizes the advantages of DELOLUX 80 / 400: “DELOLUX 80 / 400 is convincing in its very attractive performance and its relatively small dimensions. The integrated cooling system is also beneficial. It replaces the water cooling system within the production line.”The DELOLUX 50 / 400 LED spot lamp is suitable for all light-curing adhesives. The wavelength of 400 nm improves the permeation of difficult to transmit plastics such as PMMA, PS or PC. This means a significant extension of the application spectrum of the DELOLUX 50 spot lamps. It is also beneficial that thicker layers can be cured. Thanks to the longer wavelength, the light can penetrate deeper into the adhesive, which ensures process-reliable adhesive curing. With this property profile, the DELOLUX 50 spot lamps are ideal for applications requiring maximum power on limited space, such as pin casting.About DELO®:DELO® is a leading manufacturer of industrial adhesives. In the fiscal year 2011/12 300 employees generated sales revenues of US$ 58 million. The company supplies tailor-made special adhesives and complementary equipment for applications in special lines of business – from electronics to the chip card and automotive industry, as well as in glass and plastic design. DELO®’s customers include Bosch, Daimler, Festo, Infineon, Knowles and Siemens. DELO® has a network of worldwide distributors and sales partners.

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