Gaash’s energy efficient outdoor LED fixture chosen for City of Prague lighting project

July 2, 2012
Date Announced: 02 Jul 2012 Gaash Lighting, an innovative manufacturer and developer of high-quality lighting, has launched the new Venus LED lighting fixture, a stylish luminaire specifically designed to offer high lighting abilities while reducing overall energy costs. Venus, with its internal branded LED modules, is ideal for lighting roads, streets, public places, parks and other open areas. Gaash’s experienced team of lighting design professionals developed the new luminaire using innovative technologies according to the highest international standards. Venus LED has already been chosen by the City of Prague to illuminate an entire street in the center of town near the Charles Square as part of an international pilot project. The project was initiated to demonstrate the abilities and advantages of LED lighting and the effectiveness of its use over time, emphasizing power parameters and savings potential. Gaash participated in the pilot project together with ELTODO-CITELUM, one of the leading companies in the Czech electro-technical industry, which is involved in a wide variety of energy savings and green projects all over Europe. “The project in Prague demonstrated the benefits of advanced and innovative street lighting, which combines modern design, reduced energy consumption and LED lighting,” said Ing. Jirka Ska’la, ELTODO-CITELUM’s deputy director. “Gaash participated in the project with us and has been chosen as one of the finalists thanks to the quality of the Venus LED and their proven ability. We are looking forward to continue to use Gaash’s advanced LED products in future projects.”“Launching the Venus LED is part of our efforts to maintain our position as a leading player in the field of lighting solutions,” said Asaf Cikman, Gaash Lighting’s general manager. “Venus LED emphasizes Gaash’s innovation and quality which is widely recognized by the international market. We have already received first orders from several European clients who expressed great enthusiasm.”Cikman added that Venus LED was ideal for municipalities and local authorities that were looking for intelligent street lighting solutions that are both decorative, economical and save energy. Venus is part of Gaash’s outdoor LED street and road lighting family which includes Polaris, Polaris Top and Uranus, functional and decorative LED fixtures for illuminating main roads, streets, open public grounds, parks, public gardens and more. Gaash’s energy-saving light products are known worldwide for their efficiency, reliability, ease of installation and maintenance. About Gaash LightingFounded in 1964, Gaash Lighting is an innovative developer and manufacturer of high-quality lighting solutions for the commercial and industrial sectors. All of Gaash’s products are designed and manufactured in-house at the company’s extensive, state-of-the-art facilities, which include an on-site photometric laboratory.Gaash sells its products worldwide, and all its products adhere to local standards and regulations in the Americas, the Far East and Europe.

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