Bridgelux LED arrays selected for new retail lighting installations

Oct. 11, 2012
Date Announced: 11 Oct 2012 Livermore, CA – Bridgelux Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of LED lighting technologies and solutions, today announced the installation of nearly 2000 modern LED-based luminaires using Bridgelux® ES and RS LED arrays for two new retail stores opening in India developed for its customer, FUTURE GROUP. The use of LED-based technology, instead of conventional metal halide lighting, in these two retail stores is estimated to save 318,000 KwH per year or about 2.5 million Rupees (US$38,000) in power costs.“The product design and lighting concept developed using Bridgelux’s LED technology was a perfect match for our retail environment. Our retail lighting requirements are very demanding. But we were sold by a combination of mock-up demonstrations and an understanding of the benefits that could be achieved with this innovative technology. We were convinced that we could enhance the quality of lighting to improve the customer experience while simultaneously reducing our operational costs,” said Sunil Biyani, Director, Future Group.“We selected Bridgelux LED arrays to use in our new luminaires because the Bridgelux technology gave us superior performance, in terms of lumen output, consistency, and light quality when compared to other LED light sources,” said R. Hari, chief innovation officer, Asian Retail Lighting Ltd. “We decided that LED arrays or chip-on-board (COB) light sources were the right technology to provide the best quality of light to attract more customers into the stores. Arrays also gave us the design flexibility to create a broad range of new luminaires optimized to display the merchandise with the greatest appeal to the customer.”The new stores, the Pantaloon in, Market City, Velachery, Chennai and the Central store in Cochin, Kerala are using a combination of downlights, wall washers and track lights all designed by Asian Retail Lighting and using Bridgelux LED arrays. Pantaloon sells high-end clothing and life style merchandise. Central is a seamless, multi-brand retail store.About BridgeluxBridgelux is a leading developer and manufacturer of technologies and solutions transforming the$40 billion global lighting industry into a $100 billion market opportunity. Based in Livermore, California, Bridgelux is a pioneer in solid-state lighting (SSL), expanding the market for light-emitting diode (LED) technologies by driving down the cost of LED lighting systems. Bridgelux’s patented light source technology replaces traditional technologies (such as incandescent, halogen, fluorescent and high intensity discharge lighting) with integrated, solid state lighting solutions that enable lamp and luminaire manufacturers to provide high performance and energy efficient white light for the rapidly growing interior and exterior lighting markets, including street lights, commercial lighting and consumer applications. Bridgelux is the only vertically integrated LED manufacturer and developer of solid state light sources that designs its solutions specifically for the lighting industry. For more information about the company, please visit www.bridgelux.comAbout Asian Retail LightingASIAN RETAIL LIGHTING LTD. based out of Mumbai, India manufactures technically superior Luminaires and Lighting systems for Retail Industry. The Company, started by professionals in the Lighting Industry with more than 100 years of collective experience, ensures delivery of cost effective and the ideal solution for every store to make shopping an experience.The ever-demanding customer expects a stage set for worlds involving different experiences and lifestyle. This can only be achieved through the perfect interaction of general lighting with spots and accents at the right locations in a store.Why do we go into a shop? Because we are in search of something” - This is how successful designers sum up the challenge of “BRANDSCAPING”. No matter how simple this phrase may appear at first sight, the requirements that flow from it, varies with every store concept, and is always a challenge to create an identity that will associate with the brand using the most appealing medium of light. With a collective experience of dealing with a lot of customers, we have thus formulated the idea of Concept to Completion, which encompasses:• Lighting concepts to match the various needs and requirements.• LIGHTING DESIGN to suit the area and the applications.• Installation, testing & commissioning of the lighting system, long range planned lighting maintenance.

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