Heico Lighting offers visitors unique experience at Gardens of Light

Oct. 12, 2012
Date Announced: 12 Oct 2012 Until November 4th, the Botanical Garden of Montreal welcomes visitors in their unique Gardens of Light illuminated by the HEICO lighting Contactless LED system. Two Gardens were unveiled on September 7th to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Botanical Garden: the Japanese Garden and the Chinese Garden. This year again, the event awaits more than 200,000 visitors that will stroll in the paths to the sound of traditional music.In the Japanese Garden, the visitor is immersed in a calm and serene atmosphere where lighting design accentuates the textures, shapes and colors of the plants.In the Chinese Garden, The Magic of Lanterns is back with nearly a thousand Chinese lanterns which 250 are major works of art. After one year of preparation and weeks of installation, the Botanical Garden is proud to present the Feast of Peaches, organized by Xi Wang Mu, Queen Mother of the West.For a Sustainable ExhibitionSince 2008, the Botanical Garden relies on the efficiency, the reliability and the brightness of HEICO lighting™ Contactless LED system.« This change resulted in a significant reduction of energy consumption (near ten times less than our former technology) and the reliability of a system confronted to external climatic conditions. HEICO lighting™ LED modules, a source of inspiration! The visitors will notice the Contactless LED modules in several places throughout their visit. With this system, it is possible to select a unique combination of colors and intensities for each Chinese lantern. This allows the designer to give a very unique and distinct look to the event. As for signs, only a few Contactless LED modules are needed to guide visitors along the route. Since signs are temporarely installed, the Garden needed a realiable system that was easy to install and dismantle. The result is a uniform and defined illumination. The Contactless LED system is the light source of several architectural elements throughout the Gardens such as a little bridge overlooking the water lilies, the water garden illuminated with punctual Contactless luminaires, etc.For the complete articles and beautiful picturs, please visit: http://www.heicolighting.com/news.cfm?news_id=24About HEICO lighting™HEICO Lighting™ specializes in designing, producing and marketing electronic lighting products. Since 1985, we have introduced major breakthrough technologies, the more recent being: Contactless LED illumination powered by electromagnetic induction and the FIRST Electrolytic Capacitor FREE solid-state power supply. For additional information, visit http://www.heicolighting.com or contact us at 1-800-665-1166.

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