GE Lighting's new Infusion product packs a narrow punch

Oct. 1, 2012
Date Announced: 01 Oct 2012 The new Infusion Narrow Punch Modular (NPM) system from GE Lighting is a new LED light source which, when combined with GE's new innovative optical system, creates a narrow light beam angle for track mounted, recessed accent lighting and spotlighting. An industry first, no other product on the market can match the quality, intensity and efficiency of the Infusion NPM system in such a tight beam angle. The Infusion NPM system combines GE Lighting's LED module and patented optic, with a small light emitting surface to direct the light and offers high performance without any compromise in light quality. When run at its maximum power of 25 watts, the Infusion NPM system delivers a peak intensity of up to 30,000 candela, in a narrow 10 degree beam of high quality light. Zhaga compliant, the Infusion NPM system has been developed so that all sizes are compatible with the rest of GE Lighting's Infusion range, and the system features the same 'twist and fit' functionality. This ensures that as LED technology progresses, fixtures can be easily updated. In addition, GE Lighting's optics are available in 2 sizes: a 75mm optic with a 12 degree beam and a 100mm optic with a 10 degree beam. The system can also be run at lower drive currents to match the maintained peak beam intensity of traditional sources, such as the 35W AR111 HID lamps, offering more than 50% energy savings. Mike Barrett, Commercial Director for UK and Nordic commented: "Tight beam angles are in high demand for many types of lighting applications, particularly retail, museum and gallery lighting. However, this has been beyond the capability of LEDs until the launch of the Infusion NPM system. No other product can match its performance in such a tight beam angle - it's a fantastic addition to the market leading Infusion family of LED modules." For further information please visit:

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