LED Roadway Lighting Ltd. announces 5 year contract with NB Power

Oct. 11, 2012
Date Announced: 11 Oct 2012 LED Roadway Lighting Ltd. (LRL), a Halifax-based manufacturer of LED-based street and area lighting products, announced a contract with NB Power to supply approximately 72,000 Satellite™ series fixtures for deployment across the province. The contract, issued by New Brunswick Power Distribution and Customer Service Corporation, calls for installation of the fixtures over a 5 year period, with deliveries commencing in Q4 2012.The new light fixtures will replace existing 100 – 400 watt high-pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures. The installation of the new energy efficient fixtures will provide energy savings of approximately 60% (or a total of 27,000,000 kwH per year). The LRL fixtures, which have a design life that is significantly longer than conventional HPS technology, will also provide significant savings in maintenance costs. In addition to the economic benefits and improved lighting conditions, the retrofit will yield greenhouse gas reductions of approximately 324,000 tonnes over 20 years, an amount equivalent to removing approximately 3,000 cars from the road.This announcement is the latest in a series of project awards announced by the company. Last month, two other major contract awards were announced; one in Salford, UK consisting of 24,000 fixtures, and one in the Dominican Republic consisting of 8,000 fixtures.LRL President/CEO Charles Cartmill commented, “We are very excited to be working with NB Power on this project, which we believe is the world’s largest single order for LED street lighting. We began working with NB Power in 2010 on a number of pilot installations. After an exhaustive product and technical evaluation, and a competitive bidding process, LRL’s technology was selected by the client. A contract of this magnitude by an end-user such as NB Power is a major validation of our technology.”

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