RedBird LED Cardinal Linear Replacement Lamps receive prestigious award from Illuminating Engineering Society

Oct. 25, 2012
Date Announced: 25 Oct 2012 Atlanta, GA - RedBird LED Inc., an Atlanta, GA. firm that specializes in the design, manufacturing and distribution of high quality energy efficient LED linear lighting products is pleased to announce their Cardinal™ LED Linear Replacement Lamp products have been selected for inclusion in the prestigious Illuminating Engineering Society(IES) 2012 Progress Report. The RedBird LED Cardinal LED Linear Replacement Lamp will receive the Progress Report award at the upcoming Annual IES Conference in Minneapolis and will be featured in the IES Progress Report Supplement in the January issue of LD+A magazine.Culminating several years of development and testing Cardinal™ LED Linear Replacement Lamps have also been recently certified by the DesignLights Consortium. Accordingly, these products are the only LED tube lights in the world to receive DLC Certification in the Linear Replacement Lamp category and are current listed on the DLC’s Qualified Product List. Jonathan Eppstein, President of RedBird LED commented, “We are very excited and honored to be selected by the IES Progress Report Committee for the 2012 IES Progress Report. This prestigious award and the DLC certification are continued validation of the technical design and market leading performance our Cardinal™ LED Linear Replacement Lamps deliver. The award certainly solidifies our position as the quality and performance leader in this sector of the LED lighting industry.”Lighting products submitted for consideration for the IES Project Report are reviewed and evaluated by the IES Progress Report Committee. Members of the committee include lighting manufacturers, lighting designers, educators and utility company professionals. The committee carefully monitors ‘significant advancements to the art and science of lighting throughout the world’. Lighting products are judged based on non-aesthetic criteria that include visual and optical performance, efficiency/energy, size, life span, expansion of industry, lighting impact and market growth and first product in the marketplace.Cardinal™ LED 4’ Linear Replacement Lamps are available in both 18 and 22 watt versions at an assortment of popular color temperatures. The 18 watt linear replacement lamp is the most popular model used for one to one fluorescent lighting retrofits of standard 32 watt T8 or 40 watt T12 fluorescent lamps. When retrofitting with a Cardinal LED tube the user can expect to save as much as 55% on their energy consumption when compared to a standard 40 watt T12 model or 40% on a 32 watt T8. With this level of savings and the rebates available, the customer can see paybacks as low as 9 months in many applications. A tube-for-tube retrofit of 32 watt T8s lamps with our 18 watt linear replacement lamps typically delivers a 10-20% increase in measured lux levels, when before and after retrofit data is collected. These increased lighting levels provide optimal performance for most commercial office and retail settings. The recent introduction of an externally ballasted, dimmable version of the lamp (L4-18w-##K-132-DIM) is finding rapid acceptance in areas where lighting control features are utilized. Responsive to the (0-10) volt industrial dimming signal, these products can dim down to 5% without any flicker or shift in color temperature. Mr. Eppstein commented, “We expect to add the dimmable version to the DLC Certification with the next few weeks. By using a very high performance power supply with superior efficiency, the system efficacy for the new dimmable lamp is the highest we have ever achieved at > 115 lumens/watt with a CR>82 at both 4100K and 5000K CCTs.”About RedBird LED - Redbird LED is an Atlanta based designer and manufacturer of LED linear lights. Their company mission is to focus exclusively on providing the highest quality LED linear light solutions to their customers. Redbird LED's core technology is in their premier linear LED light , designed and engineered specifically for retrofits of traditional fluorescent tube lights.

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