Lumotech introduces new 100W LED driver

Oct. 1, 2012
Date Announced: 01 Oct 2012 Dutch driver manufacturer Lumotech has expanded its portfolio with a 100 Watt Constant Current LED driver with an adjustable current output, the L05060 ECOline. The 100W driver has impressive features including an active cooling input, low inrush current, a 0.99 power factor and a 92% electrical efficiency. It also features a separate temperature sensor option that enables LED thermal feedback control.As with all Lumotech drivers, it is designed and manufactured to the highest quality standard in Europe. Full specifications are available on Both customers and Lumotech’s application engineers worked closely together during the development process of this driver. This customer feedback ensured that the 100W driver was designed to be used in conjunction with the latest and highest quality COB arrays in the market such as the ones manufactured by Bridgelux, Citizen, Cree and Sharp. Cooling is a vital consideration in LED fixture design. High powered LED sources generate more concentrated heat and if this heat is not dissipated away from the fixture correctly then it will negatively affect the overall system reliability and lifetime of the LED. The new L05060 ECOline 100W driver features a separate 12V 2.5W DC output that enables a fan or any active cooling component to be connected for extra active cooling.One of the most innovative features of the new Lumotech driver is an ability to connect a temperature sensor (NTC thermistor). This sensor when placed near the heat sink of the LED source can be used to create an automatic thermal feedback. If the Lumotech 100W driver detects overheating, the thermal feedback control will dim down the power to a safe temperature level that is not damaging to the LED. Only if the temperature remains too high will the LED source switch off. In this operation mode the temperature drops to a safe level and the driver will automatically switch the LED source back on.The 100W Ecoline driver is also tested and approved by Lumotech’s engineers to be used with all Nuventix SynJet fanless cooling systems.

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