Lighten Corp. announces Lightan III, a new COB emitter

Oct. 1, 2012
Date Announced: 01 Oct 2012 Lighten COB emitter: the higher brightness, higher efficiency & C/P value high power products.Lightan Ⅲ : 20% higher on efficiency improved then previous model, in a way to double the emitter lm/$ valueLighten Corp., leading high power LED COB emitter maker in Taiwan, focus on LED COB related substrate & packaging business. Recently make the official announcement on succeed Lightan generation Ⅲ product launch . “ To compare with Lightan Ⅱ serious ( CCT :5700K, CRI>70, eff. ~110 lm/W, by 25C, 300mA), new product -- Lightan Ⅲ are performed with the 20% higher on light efficiency and achieve >130LM/W performance results”. Said by Lighten Corp. CTO, Rod Lin. And the most important is all the products are followed with ANCI compliance, this is not similar as the other players only care on the efficiency results but missing on the end user’s basic desire lighting needs. Because the higher efficiency results, end user offer the higher Lm/$ value to improve their competency. Meanwhile Lightan Ⅲ still keep the original dimensional design , and compatible with most industry fixture hard tools, lens , and power supply. Customers don’t need to spend more cost on to renew the new design. Lightan Ⅲ briefing : 1. Higher lighting efficiency > 130Lm/W (5700K, CRI 70, 300 mA; 25 0C) ; > 100Lm/W via over drive 20% case.2. Die/Chip direct bonding on copper, the simply route on system thermal path structure.3. Higher system thermal conductivity, 401W/m.K;Lower system thermal resistance (~0.52 C/W), certificated by IST. Outstanding on lower lighting decay.4. ROHS compliant. ( certificated by IST)5. ANCI compliant.6. No Ag platted reflection coating, low discolor issue on long term lighting time, lower decay.7. Multi view angle products selection: 120 Deg. or 140 Deg.8. Multi CCT & CRI selections , 3000K ; 4000K ; 5700K / 80 ; 75; 709. Customized products acceptable, special design acceptable. 10. Friendly for fixture assembly.Following with Lightan Ⅰ/Ⅱ/Ⅲ product design concepts, we insist the “simply design is good” idea, for emitters are unitary size designs, and highest C/P value, by the shortest production lead time.Lighten overall production offering:-From 3W ~320 W COB emitters, either DAM or DOT types.-All samples & products are OK for requesting & selling.

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