Gosoled launches commercial and household lighting no-glare lamps

Oct. 9, 2012
Date Announced: 09 Oct 2012 GOSOLED the largest breakthrough began in October 2011 in the business and household lightingThe first is successfully developed LED light source output carrier --- Pure parabolic reflective cup(Patent no.201220157321.9)and Parabolic lens(Patent no.201220157321.11)。Pure parabolic reflective cup in the use of led lights for the first time on real significance to solve the glare problem, Make comfortable light environment for commercial atmosphere increase business opportunities become possible。GOSOLED CRYSTAL AR111 also likes to take this opportunity to become a bright star of global business with the lamp in 2012。Parabolic lens maximum prevent glare generation,At the same time, uniform light output Make led spotlight in replacement of traditional light has the bigger market space.GOSOLED SPIRIT series in Guangzhou exhibition the light show successful into excellent product design ranks, and the sample lamp legend sales is more than 600 lamps at the conference in three days。GOSOLED Diamond series are all adopt the design development of the parabolic lens,COB SHARP led Light bead,Further enrich the company's product line,For jewelry, dining, conference、Office and commercial lighting needs to provide a higher quality,The more ideal light output quality productsGosoled Not only in the distribution of light field walk in the forefront of the domestic and international counterparts,In the thermal design aspects also do model effect。GOSOLED CRYSTAL AR111 Not only has perfect conduction, convection and radiation,And the invention of lamps and lanterns internal eddy heat dissipation, make the whole lamp cooling more excellent and perfect. At present the company get SHARP authorized the use of,Has become Chinese use COB light bead the most professional, the most abundant products, quality reputation best business and household lighting manufacturers.

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