Luminus Devices’ UV slim package production units now shipping

Dec. 4, 2012
Date Announced: 04 Dec 2012 Billerica, MA ― Luminus Devices, Inc., the leader in Big Chip LEDs™, has announced that their new UV Slim LED packages, which began sampling in May, have begun shipping as production units today.Designed specifically for high-density linear arrays, UV Slim LED devices provide the maximum UV energy of any single-die UV LED available. In addition to their superior performance, higher reliability, and greater energy efficiency over traditional UV mercury lamp technology, these devices also improve workplace safety and lower environmental impact by eliminating harmful byproducts such as ozone and mercury. “The UV Slim LED represents our dedication in providing customers with the best UV LED technology available,” said Mike Lim, Director of Global Industrial and New Business at Luminus. “Customers can tightly align the UV Slim LEDs together in order to generate the highest power-density UV LED line source available, which is especially useful for line-curing applications.”Designed with graphic arts printing in mind, the UV Slim devices also provide all of the traditional advantages of Luminus’ Big Chip LED technology, including improved thermal power density and simpler support system architecture, along with delivering greater wall-plug efficiency than traditionally-sized LED dies. These new UV Slim LEDs, with a product designation of CBT-120-UV-C14, are Big Chip LEDs that feature a single monolithic 12mm2 die that emits directly into air. They are available in a NIST-traceable power range output of 11W to 13.3W.Luminus’ UV Slim LEDs are available across the globe through Avnet, Digi-Key, EBV Elektronik, Marubun, and Mouser distribution partners. For more information, please visit

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