Lumenpulse brightens up 230 Park Avenue

Dec. 3, 2012
Date Announced: 03 Dec 2012 During a brilliant ceremony on December 3, Monday Properties and Invesco inaugurated the newly redesigned exterior lighting of the 230 Park Avenue building. Al Borden, Principal at The Lighting Practice firm in Philadelphia, used over 700 Lumenpulse luminaires to enhance the historic 34-storey high-rise’s Beaux-Arts architecture. Borden attended the grand unveiling, along with several Lumenpulse representatives, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, Landmarks Commission Chair Robert Tierney, and Grand Central Partnership Chair Fred Cerullo III. “This is a breakthrough moment for the LED lighting industry,” says Lumenpulse President and CEO François-Xavier Souvay. “That Lumenpulse fixtures were chosen to light such an important, landmark building in New York’s landscape truly demonstrates the technological advantages of the Lumenpulse product families.”Previously, 230 Park Avenue was virtually invisible at night, save for the lit rooftop, which used high-pressure sodium sources. The new LED-based lighting design envelops the entire building, from the arched tunnels at ground level all the way up to the cupola located above the pyramid-shaped roof. Borden’s design accentuates the building’s ornate details and tall stature.On top of rebranding 230 Park Avenue through architectural restoration and building system upgrades, Monday Properties was also pursuing LEED Gold certification. “The new lighting dovetails with our ongoing commitment to energy efficiency,” says Monday Properties’ Vice President of Property Management and Operations Hani J. Salama. “The difference in energy usage between the existing roof fixtures to the new LED roof fixtures is a reduction of 71%.”The fixtures are programmed to display static and dynamic colors for special occasions and holidays, like July 4th or Thanksgiving. A variety of color-changing luminaires from the Lumenfacade and Lumenbeam families were chosen to light 230 Park Avenue.

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