Tess reveals brand new 18W 1800lm LED bulb, creating new standard for commercial lighting

Date Announced: 17 Dec 2012

Taiwan LED leading brand TESS today reveals an innovative product - 18W 1800lm LED Bulb, which could replace the traditional 100W+ Incandescent Bulb. Features of TESS 18W 1800lm LED Bulb are high brightness, high efficiency but small size, it subverts the stereotype of lighting Bulb, especially the Bulb size is quite different to traditional Energy Saving Bulb and Mercury Bulb but equal to incandescent Bulb. Therefore, TESS new 18W 1800lm LED Bulb could be installed in 4-6 meters high-ceilinged space such as living room, hall, hotel and store.

TESS new 18W 1800lm Cool White / Warm White LED Bulb utilize unique circuit design to come up with thermal solution to solve heat issue and also improve the power efficiency significantly. Spec of TESS 18W 1800lm LED Bulb exceeds the current products in market, which could replace the traditional 100W+ Incandescent Bulb and 27W+ Energy Saving Bulb. Following the launching 12W 1000lm omni-directional LED Bulb, 15W 1500lm A19 LED Bulb and 12W 1200lm omni-directional LED Bulb weeks ago, TESS continually launch new remarkable 18W 1800lm LED Bulb to create new standard for Commercial Lighting. TESS proofs R&D ability to break through technology barrier and reach a new milestone in LED Lighting Industry.

Welcome to attend TESS Seminar –“The Way Out for LED Lighting Industry”, which is held on 2012/12/18 (Tue.) in The Westin Taipei. TESS will reveal Innovative Technology and Product Launch. Your attendance will be highly appreciated.

Product Info:
Model /18W LED Bulb (non-dimmable)
Voltage Range /AC100-240V
Frequency Range /50Hz / 60Hz
Power Consumption /18W
Lighting Cool White /Warm White
Color Temperature /5500°K 3000°K
Lumen Output /1800lm
Lumen Efficiency /100lm/W
Dimension /64 x 95mm

Media Contact Manager of Marketing Anna Chen Top Energy Saving System Corp. Tel: +886-2-2299-7688 ext.120


Web Site:www.tesscop.com/index.asp

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