Chauvet Professional shines on La Formula Concert

Dec. 27, 2012
Date Announced: 27 Dec 2012 SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — CHAUVET® Professional added more dimension to a massive design conceived for the recent performance of reggaeton super group La Formula, at Coliseo de Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot. Signed to Pina Records, artists Zion & Lennox, RKM & Ken-Y, Plan B, Arcangel, Lobo, Don Omar, Jory, Natti Natasha, De La Ghetto, Baby Rasta y Gringo and Yomo tour under the name La Formula. Lighting Designer Alexis Soto specified 72 CHAUVET® Professional fixtures, provided by rental company MusiqueXpress. To give more depth and height to the stage, Soto created five suspended truss cubes and lit them with 48 COLORado™ 1 IP wash lights. “Making the cubes was a lot of work, and since they are the main attraction we tried to light them the best possible way. The COLORado™ 1 IP lights were a great choice.”Director of Operations for MusiqueXpress Luis ‘Papito’ Varona said Soto created a unique design, which featured great depth and different structures. “His thinking was out of the box and ‘inside the cubes.’ There was no front lighting, and the main fixtures were the COLORado™ 1 IP and Q-Wash™ 260-LED wash lights. The other lights in the rig were secondary.” Soto was impressed with the color rendering provided by COLORado™ 1 IP. “The color is so nice on the trusses. I like to work with full colors, dark reds and blues and with COLORado™ 1 IP I was able to get the rich, saturated colors I was looking for.”CHAUVET® Professional Q-Wash™ 260-LED wash lights were placed on the stage, lighting the DJ booth from the inside, and a central area that functioned as a door for performers entering the stage. “I was looking for the ideal lights for that part of the stage, because the goal was to blind the entrance and not see who is coming through,” Soto said. “The Q-Wash™ 260-LED fixtures worked perfectly. I like their smooth yet quick movement and their solid feel.” More Q-Wash™ 260-LED wash lights were added to the truss cubes for colorful, rich truss warming effects.Varona was very pleased with the versatility of COLORado™ 1 IP fixtures and the performance of Q-Wash™ 260-LED. “Low-maintenance, super fast, lightweight, we know when we use Q-Wash™ 260-LED lights in a show they won’t fail. Also, for a wash light it moves much faster than some moving spots I have worked with.”Gear list: 48 x COLORado™ 1 IP24 x Q-Wash™ 260-LED



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