Verde Designs introduces new LED driver technology

Dec. 3, 2012
Date Announced: 03 Dec 2012 Verde Designs unveils their new advanced LED DRIVER TECHNOLOGY. This technology is being used in our VERAWATT™ and VERADIM™ product lines. Our technology allows us to future proof our solutions through our new custom programmable drivers. By using our Programming Interface Tool you can change the channel current, DMX Channel, the dimming method and ramp up rate to your product on demand.The VERAWATT™ LED Drivers are the only AC/DC drivers you will ever need. •Dimmability: Triac, 0-5V, 0-10V, PWM, DMX512•Robust Class II Drivers•Single, Dual and Quad Channel Boards•AC/DC drivers are in available in 25 W and 35 W Boards•DC/DC drivers are available in 75 W, 90 W and 100 W BoardsOur VERADIM™ Drivers are a breakthrough in AC/DC Triac dimmable solutions.•Flicker Free •Dimming to 0%•Available in LV (AC or DC input)•Leading or Trailing EdgeOur VERAPOWER™ LED driver gives you unmatched power in a small footprint resulting in more bangs for your buck and your boost.•Wide Range 10-29 V DC input•Over Temperature Protection•Drivers as small as 1” Square•Fixed and custom models available.Founded in 2008, Verde Designs competitively designs and manufactures solid-state-lighting solutions. We provide both standard and customer specific solutions. With our engineering staff here in the United States we drive your concept͢ → design → prototypes within weeks, not month or years. For further information please visit our webpage at or call us at 480-256-0014 or email us at [email protected]


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