Sagentia announces a breakthrough in LED driver efficiency

Dec. 7, 2012
Date Announced: 07 Dec 2012 Cambridge - Sagentia, a global innovation, technology and product development company, has developed an innovative new approach to driving LED devices, which it believes will enable higher energy efficient lighting systems to be developed in the near future.The development is a result of Project Hercules©, an EU funded Framework 7 programme, targeted at developing next generation technology for LED lighting. The new technology, which is the subject of a patent application, enables LEDs to be driven using low cost electronics at efficiency levels significantly in excess of existing techniques. Importantly, this would represent a step-change away from conventional pulse-width modulation (PWM) and linear driver approaches currently used in LED products. Sagentia has a well-established track record in developing innovative solutions in advanced electronic power delivery systems and LEDs. Prototype light engines using the new technology are currently under development with Sagentia expecting to deliver the first of these units, as part of Project Hercules, in Q2 2013. The technology will be specifically developed to work with Brandon Medical’s patented HD LED technology, enabling high CRI light to be generated at high lumens/watt.Commenting on the breakthrough, Dr Euan Morrison, Head of Advanced Lighting and Optical Technologies at Sagentia, said, “This new technology has the potential to make a significant impact on the development of LED technology for use in both medical and general lighting applications, and builds on the growing commercial success of Brandon Medical’s HD-LED technology. This development also really underlines the benefits of working with a progressive, forward looking partner such as Brandon Medical. With further innovations in the pipeline we are truly optimistic about delivering genuine breakthrough technology to the LED market.”“This is another technology breakthrough for Sagentia. Achieving the combination of high energy efficiency and high light quality is still the Holy Grail for LED lighting. Despite industry hype about LEDs, most of them are poor in either light colour quality or where the colour is good the energy efficiency is low. Combining Sagentia’s new energy drive and HD-LED high colour performance lighting solves all the remaining problems holding back LED lighting and we are looking forward to installing it in our new products.”Further information about Project HerculesIn March 2012, Sagentia announced its participation as lead research partner for Project Hercules©, a new project funded by the EU Seventh Framework programme (FP7). Hercules looks to further develop on existing high definition LED lighting technology, originally developed for the medical industry, for application in other markets. The 24 month project will research and develop all of the core aspects of the technology with the aim of delivering different functionalities, improved performance, reduced cost or a combination. Working with Sagentia in the consortium is TWI as an additional research partner, as well as three SMEs: led by Brandon Medical, two commercial partners Diseño y Tecnologia del Molde CUMSA (Spain) and GRD Segnaletica Stradale di PR. Target S.r.l (Italy) will also participate in the project. http://www.hercules-project.euFurther information about Sagentia’s work with LEDsSagentia is the lead technology research provider in the consortium as inventor of the original HD LED technology and with its broad understanding of all the technology aspects involved. It will be researching all the fundamental technology aspects including optics, materials, electronics and system design and will be undertaking the modelling, testing, analysis and concept development.- Ends -About SagentiaSagentia is a global innovation, technology and product development company. We provide outsourced R&D consultancy services to start ups through to global market leaders in the medical, industrial and consumer sectors. With global headquarters in Cambridge, UK, and US headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, Sagentia works with clients from opportunity discovery through to concept generation and full product development and transfer to manufacture. We deliver science and technology innovation and work with clients to develop next generation products and services that provide commercial value and market advantage. Further information can be found at: Email us [email protected] About Brandon MedicalBrandon Medical is an award winning British medical technology company with over 40 years of healthcare experience. Our products are in use throughout the world supported by an extensive distributor network. Brandon Medical are acknowledged experts in Medical Lighting, Medical Power & Control Systems, Medical Architectural Products and Medical Audio Visual Systems with a unique expertise in providing integrated solutions.

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