Get cool: Nuventix wraps up 2012 with new offerings for LED lighting

Dec. 20, 2012
Date Announced: 20 Dec 2012 Austin, TX – Nuventix, Inc., developer of SynJet thermal managementsolutions, saw tremendous growth in 2012, highlighted by the success of the expanded line of LED heatsinks and the new lines of spotlight and outdoor LED coolers. Early in 2012, Nuventix hit a key milestone for the company shipping its one millionth SynJet cooler for use in LED lighting.“Nuventix is ready for the new year – backed by our growth in 2012, and highlighted by our exciting portfolio expansion into outdoor and high bay LED cooling,” said Jim Balthazar, CEO and president of Nuventix. “We continue to advance new solutions and widespread use of SynJet cooling technology for reliable, high quality LED lighting.”Demand continues to grow for Nuventix’ LED heatsinks, high power compact tracklights for retail LED lighting and outdoor LED solutions to replace inefficient traditional light sources. Nuventix also recognizes the growing strategic importance of thermal management costs in LED lighting – often the third most expensive component in the luminaire. The Nuventix portfolio will continue to evolve to meet growing demands and the increased emphasis on mass adoption of LEDs as the LED lighting market matures later this decade.2012 Product Line Expansions:LED HeatsinksThe LED Heatsink line has been expanded to continue a 240 percent sales growth from 2011 to 2012. Covering everything between 10 to 40 watts of thermal power that can be applied to both indoor and outdoor fixtures, Nuventix LED heatsinks are uniquely designed for the evolving LED industry and its many application needs. They can be used alone or with a SynJet, creating freedom and flexibility for configuration and thermal performance and making it easy to transition between low lumen and high lumen applications. The portfolio also enables most major light engine manufacturers such as Philips, Bridgelux, Citizen, GE and Sharp to easily find the right solution for new luminaire designs.New Spotlight LED Coolers• SynJet Spotlight LED Cooler 47W – The quietest SynJet ever developed cools more than4,000 lumens with a diameter of just 87mm for tracklights, downlights and recessedadjustable downlights. Running at a low frequency for better psychoacoustics, theSpotlight Cooler 47W is the perfect solution for lighting quiet environments such asmuseums, retail stores and other commercial spaces. The new top-mounted SynJetconfiguration and additional air flow allows for effortless design into luminaires.• SynJet Spotlight LED Cooler 36W – This extremely quiet, new cooling solution wasdeveloped specifically for more compact designs, providing 36 watts of cooling in an 87mm diameter form factor for tracklights and recessed downlights. Nuventix’ patentedSynJet cooling technology starts quiet and stays quiet. With no mechanical friction,SynJet coolers sound the same at the end of their usable life as they did when they werefirst installed.New Outdoor SynJet LED CoolersThe new line of outdoor SynJet cooling solutions provides optimal performance to enable small, durable and lightweight solutions that can withstand challenging outdoor conditions. The rugged new designs have been tested to ensure endurance against extreme temperatures and temperature fluctuations, humidity, ozone, UV exposure, rain, dust and more.• Outdoor Wall Wash LED Cooler 82W – Provides up to 82 watts of cooling while enablingup to 6,000 lumens of light with a rectangular form factor, specifically designed forfloodlights, wall packs and other high lumen outdoor luminaires.• Outdoor Spotlight LED Cooler 70W – Enables up to 8,000 lumens and cools up to 70watts in a 134 mm diameter form factor for spotlights, area lighting and bridge lightingapplications. This spotlight LED cooler is already being implemented in manufacturingplants for India’s second largest commercial vehicle manufacturer, Ashok Leyland.• Outdoor Spotlight LED Cooler 60W – Also designed for downlights, spotlights, arealighting and bridge lighting applications, the Spotlight LED Cooler 60W provides up to5,000 lumens in a 118 mm diameter form factor.What’s Next?Nuventix continues to offer innovative, compact and high performance thermal managementsolutions to accelerate the adoption of LED lighting and answer various cooling needs. Expect more to come in 2013 as Nuventix’ 200 watt SynJet solutions for high bay LED lighting and the GE 100 watt incandescent replacement, GE Energy Smart 27-watt LED bulb, which uses Nuventix’ patented LED cooling technology, will be available soon.

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