Spark wins the bidding of national highway lighting project from Xiamen to Chengdu by ranking 1st in technology

Dec. 18, 2012
Date Announced: 18 Dec 2012 Recently, Shenzhen Spark Optoelectronics S&T CO., LTD, by ranking 1stin technology, has successfully won the biding of Ganchong Highway Lighting Project (from Ganzhou to Chongyi), which is a very important part of Xiacheng National Highway (from Xiamen to Chengdu). Around ten thousand lights will be applied in this project, including LED Tunnel light, Street light and Fog light.It is reported that Ganchong Highway is not only a major thoroughfare connecting southeast coastal area and southwest in China, but also the most difficult highway constructed in Jiangxi Province so far with the biggest ratio of bridges to tunnels. This tunnel for electromechanical system lighting is composed of JD3 and JD4 phrases, involving 12 tunnels: Luota, Gankeng, Jianfengling, Chatan, Dafuwan, Gaosheng, Chongyi, Xiaguangdong, Xiaguangxi, Tianxin, Guangtian and Wenying. Spark will undertake all the light fixing for the above tunnels. This light project will be completed in December.SPARK, considering the tunnels’ condition, takes various measures to meet its illumination requirement by adjusting lighting parameter and trying different luminaries.The luminaries applied in this project, including LED tunnel light, LED street light and other lights, are characterized with exquisite appearance, soft light, instant start, no glare and no strobe, which reduces people’s visual fatigue and distraction. The highly accurate constant currency driver guarantees the safety, extends the luminaries’ life and certainly reduces its maintenance expense.The LED luminaries from SPARK have all kinds of advantages, such as, high uniformity ratio of illumination, high luminous efficiency, low light decay, homogeneity and stability. The product life is over 50,000 hours with an electricity-saving rate of 70%.This project is significant not only in the transportation safety of Ganchong highway, but also strongly effects on the development of the national semiconductor light industry and energy-saving.SPARK, as one of the leading LED tunnel light manufacturers and the biggest outdoor LED light providers, its winning the bid excellently indicates its leadership in LED industry and technology advantages. Firmly adhering to the principles of responsibility, high quality and punctuality, this tunnel light demonstration project surely becomes a benchmark for SPARK.

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