French president Francois Hollande meets Lucibel teams

Dec. 17, 2012
Date Announced: 17 Dec 2012 The President of the French Republic, François Hollande, met Lucibel teams and discovered its products and technology during a visit at the company’s headquarters in Rueil Malmaison (92) on November 29. He held an open and constructive discussion with the employees and the Management which led to the launch of a new government project aiming at improving employees’ shareholding regulation.During his visit to Lucibel office in Paris suburb, the President discovered the products stemming from Lucibel technology presented by the R&D team and greeted the innovation of the company. “France is not doomed to an always-increasing unemployment. France must prepare for the new growth ; and this new growth is happening here, in an innovating company, in a company for which energy transition is the field of action, in a company which interacts with its employees and associates them to its success” declared the President at the end of his visit, which he described as “exemplary.”The President has shown a particular interest in the Luciflora innovation, a range of revolutionary LED sources that will replace incandescent bulbs.Afterwards, the President discussed with the employees about their concerns and expectations. He finally had a long exchange with the Executive Management, where the subjects of the competitiveness of France and measures of the Pact of Competitiveness were largely evoked. The necessity of simplifying the legal, administrative and statutory environment of companies was at the heart of the debate, on the basis of concrete examples stemming from the daily life of the company.The opportunity of building a cluster focused on LED lighting was also evoked, as this growing technology could create a significant numbers of jobs in France. The President reassessed the commitment of the government towards small and medium-sized companies, and stressed the importance for France to build a network of innovating SMEs. Frédéric Granotier, Chief Executive Officer of Lucibel, declared “We had a frank and very constructive exchange with the President of the Republic concerning measures to improve the competitiveness of French SME. We count on the government to continue this fruitful dialogue with SMEs, in order to build an environment fostering innovation and job creation in France. The Pact of Competitiveness represents for us a strong and positive signal towards businesses, and reassures us on the government’s economic guidelines. We shall now scrutinize with attention the results of the consultation between social partners and the efforts made by the government towards simplifying the administrative environment of SME.”Lucibel works on the project of a factory for delayed differentiation close to its European markets.The objective of the site will be to assemble products corresponding to the customer’s specifications with the ability to be delivered anywhere in Europe within a week. Lucibel has been working on this project for 18 months and hopes it can be implemented in France. The final choice of the location should be made by spring 2013. Lucibel, a symbol of a new generation of innovating technological companies, is delighted by the proposals made, at its head office, by the President of the French Republic.About Lucibel :LUCIBEL is a French company which offers innovativelighting solutions combining guaranteed savings and quality of light, for communities, professionals, and individuals. LUCIBEL designs in France its LED (Light Emitting Diods) lighting products and solutions, and so as to guarantee qualityand longevity assembles them in China in its own plant. For more information, please consult our website

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