Crossroads LED new RT -ES4 retrofit LED luminaire receives coveted brass ring award at the 2012 IAAPA Expo

Dec. 10, 2012
Date Announced: 10 Dec 2012 The new LED retrofit luminaire for stage and theatre lighting replaces the 575 watt incandescent lamp with an energy-efficient 90 watt LED array.Collinsville, Oklahoma – Recognized as a major advance in LED lighting technology for the amusement and entertainment industries, the new Crossroads LED RT-ES4 retrofit luminaire was awarded a coveted Brass Ring Award for Best New Product at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Expo in Orlando, Florida. The award recognizes new products and technologies developed specifically for the industry.The IAAPA Expo provided an excellent opportunity for Crossroads LED to demonstrate their revolutionary and cost effective RT-ES4 luminaire for the standard ETC™ Source Four™ stage and theatre light. Amusement parks and entertainment venues have had to rely on incandescent fixtures with limited lumen output or face the high cost of having to buy new fixtures. Crossroads LED found that for many in the industry, retrofitting existing fixtures with state-of-the-art LED luminaires was a more cost effective alternative. The new retrofit LED luminaire has an output of almost 9,500lm and efficacy approaching 105 lm/watt. This generates equivalent light output at one-sixth the power required by the incandescent lamp. “We had a lot of skeptics show up at the IAAPA Expo to see the LED luminaires in action,” said Buddy Stefanoff, VP and Sr. Design Engineer for Crossroads. “One even showed up with a light meter.” Yet, the new RT-ES4 was able to prove its place in the industry by demonstrating its higher intensity and variable beam angles that quickly set it apart.The retrofit luminaires meet the qualifications for many of the rebate programs offered by utility companies. With the energy savings and the anticipated life expectancy of 50,000 hours, which is almost 60 times the life span of a standard 575-watt lamp, it is easy to see where this very quickly becomes an attractive lighting option for venue owners and operators.Also highlighted at the show was Crossroads LED’s new premier wireless control system, the DMX FREE Wireless Interface. This system, one of the most advanced and innovative LED lighting systems on the market today, expands far beyond the capabilities of any other by giving facility and park operators the ability to control all of their DMX FREE LED lighting systems from a single laptop. The ability to walk up to any ride or structure and change the color, effect, and intensity of the LEDs at a distance or from your office with the click of a button is revolutionary. It is the first true "plug-and-play" wireless system developed specifically for the amusement and entertainment industry.Additionally, the new DMX FREE™ technology has broad reaching applications beyond amusement lighting. Crossroads LED is also applying this technology to its line of white interior and exterior commercial and architectural lighting products. With this user-friendly system, it provides the owner/facility manager with the ability to control hundreds or even thousands of individual LED fixtures with a simple and easy-to-use control interface. With the touch of a mouse, architects and facility managers can make energy usage and aesthetic decisions quickly and efficiently.CROSSROADS LED, LLC, located in Owasso, Oklahoma, is an electronic engineering and manufacturing company that specializes in the solid-state lighting (LED) industry. The company provides innovative LED lighting solutions to the amusement, entertainment, commercial and architectural lighting industries.

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